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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi Full details and Video

 Rite of fasting: On the seventh day of Shravan Vad, lucky women perform this fast. The fasting person should get up early in the morning, take a bath with cold water, and eat cold all day long. Do not light stoves on this day. To light a lamp and tell the story of a smallpox mother. This vow brings wealth, children, and good fortune.

Vrat Katha: Derani-Jethani lived with her mother-in-law in a village. In the house of the two daughters-in-law, there was a son given by God. The big bride was jealous, while the little one was very kind, naive and loving. many apps also avail in our site.

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi

Once in the month of Shravan, the day of Ranghanchhatta came. The mother-in-law made the younger sister-in-law cook. The little one was cooking until midnight. That is why the boy lying on the bed started crying. So, leaving everything to work, Vahu took the boy and lay down for a while and fell asleep due to exhaustion. The stove was burning. After midnight we went for a walk in the cold. They came to the house of the little bride and began to roar in the stove. But what is this? The body of smallpox began to feel cold instead of cold. They were burnt all over. So he cursed the little girl to burn your stomach as my body burned.

Waking up in the morning, Vahu saw that the stove was burning and the boy lying on the sidewalk was dead. His whole body was burnt.

Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi
Shitla Satam na Vrat ni Varta And vidhi

The little bride began to cry. He realized that the smallpox mother must have cursed him. She went to her crying mother-in-law and talked all over. Satsuma consoled her and said that she would go to her mother and pray that everything would be all right. The baby was put in a basket and a small one came out. Along the way, he saw two ponds. Both the ponds were full of water but no one drank from it. Whatever PA he was dying for.

Seeing the younger sister-in-law, Talavadi said, “Sister, where are you going?”
The little daughter-in-law said, “I am going to the smallpox mother to get rid of the curse.”

The Talawadis said, “Sister, what sin have we committed that someone dies while drinking our water?” Come ask for the curse of our curse.

The little bride moved on from there. On the way, she met two bulls. A layer of bells hung from their necks and the two fought. Seeing the younger sister, the two bulls asked, “Sister, where are you going?”

Bahu said that I am going to get rid of my curse.

The bulls said, “What sin have we committed? We are fighting for eternity. You should ask for the removal of our curse.”

The little one went too far. A little farther on he saw a Doshima sitting under a Bordi tree scratching his hair.

Seeing her sister-in-law, Doshima said, “Sister, my head is very itchy. Just look at you.”

The bride was crushed. Although she was in a hurry, she put her son in Doshima’s lap and sat down to gamble.

After a while, Doshima’s itching disappeared. Blessing Bahu, he said, “As my head is shaken, so is your belly.” The boy in Doshima’s lap was resurrected. Very surprised. She learns that this Doshima is none other than Shitalamata. So she fell at his feet.

Vahu asked for the curse of the Talavadis. Shitla’s mother said that in the pre-birth, these two lakes were sad and used to fight every day. Do not give vegetables or buttermilk to anyone and if you give it, add water. So no one drinks its water. But if you drink their water, their sins will be destroyed. Vahu then asked about the bull curse. In his reply, he said in Shitala that both of them were cousins. They were so jealous that they would not let anyone down. So in this birth, both of them have become bulls and they have a bell ring in their gaya. If you leave the ring of this bell, then their sins will be removed.

The little bride was happy, took the smallpox blessing and took the boy back. Along the way he met those bulls. Vahu dropped the khanti layer from his head. They stopped fighting. He came near the ponds and drank a lot of water to get rid of his curse. Then everyone started drinking his water. When he got home, he talked to Sasuma. His sister-in-law was jealous of him.

When Radhan Chhath came in the second Shravan month, it occurred to Jethani that I should do the same as Derani. That’s why smallpox mother gives me darshan. She kept the stove burning that night. At dusk, the smallpox came to the house of the elder sister-in-law and started roaring in the stove. So his body was burnt. He cursed that his stomach should burn like my body.

When Jethani woke up in the morning, she saw that the boy had died in Ghodia. Instead of being saddened by the incident, Jethani was happy and she too, like Derani, took the boy in her basket and ran away.

On the way Talawadi asked where does the sister go?

Jethani grimaced and said, “Do you have a panchayat?” Not seeing that my son is dead and I am going to meet the smallpox mother. Talavadis said that one of our sisters should come to work. But Jethani immediately refused. Next he met two bulls. So Jethani also refused to do her job to the bulls. The smallpox mother was scratching her head in the form of Doshima under the tree ahead.

He asked to see the head of this Jethani. He refused angrily and said I am new to scratching your head? Don’t look, my son is dead. Jethani wandered all day but she did not find her smallpox mother anywhere. So she came home crying. Hey, fruit all those who have grown up like a mother with smallpox.

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This new disease of Corona virus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus.

we are always provide to you daily date wise report of corona virus of Gujarat as well as daily report of India and the world accurately and according to government report and government press notes. We are not bound to give you this corona information. Hopefully today's update of Corona.

The MHRD Ministry has started an unprecedented consultation process from January 1st 2015, which was a collaboration based, multi-stakeholder, multi-dimensional, bottom-up, public-centric, inclusive, and interactive process also. It has been consulted at many levels with online, experts, theme based and ground-level consultation, in which the comprehensive process of village, block, urban local body, district, state, division, national level, organized by the national level, Provided an opportunity to join massive work Many personal and profound discussions were organized with the broad stake holders.

કોરોના પછી કેટલા મહિને રસી લેવી તે જુવો

After that, we have former Cabinet Secretary, late T.S. Under the chairmanship of R Subramanian, the committee was constituted for the development of the new education policy of 2020. Based on this report submitted in May 2016 also, the Ministry has prepared "some suggestions for the New Education Policy of year (format) 2016".

At this time, there are nothing any specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments for this corona virus. Very soon this vaccines coming in India. Country of Russia search this corona vaccine and country of India has also research this corona vaccine. And Declare this vaccine about date of 15th August. WHO will continue to provide updated of corona virus information as soon as clinical findings become available.

To test of Corona all the suggestions and to submit the draft of the education policy till December 2018, the renowned scientist Professor, Of Under the chairmanship of Kasturirangan, I got a fortune to form a committee to prepare the new education policy and tell me it about this in details.

This Aarogya setu app is to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19 virus.

Aarogya Setu is a central gov. Smat mobile phone application. its developed by the Govt. of India to connect people to health services with the people of India. It's appis in our combined fight against COVID-19. This Aarogya setu App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, corona particularly the Health Department of india, in pro-actively reaching out to and informs to users who use this Aarogya setu app regarding to risks of (Covid-19) corona virus, Best practices, and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19 virus.

Hello Friends, we are always provide to you daily date wise report of corona virus of Gujarat as well as daily report of India and the world accurately and according to government report and government press notes. We are not bound to give you this corona information. Hopefully today's update of Corona is as above.
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Organic Farming scheme of Gujarat 2020 : Application on i-khedut portal 2020

80000 organic farmers of 169 FPOs benefitted under the (MoVCDNER) Mission Organic Value Chain Development for export of niche crops (Ginger, Turmeric, pineapple, king chilies, pineapple) of the North East Region. #AatmaNirbharKrishi application on ikhedut portal

Ikhedut Portal 2020 Yojana Gujarat Registration Online Details| | Eligibility and Documents For Registration on Gujarat Ikhedut Portal| Government of gujarat give scheme by ikhedut portal for Organic farming

Per unit Give : Rs. 4 lakh or 50% on cost

Documents Required for Registration of Gujarat Ikhedut Portal

  • Domicile Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter id Card
  • Address Proof
  • Land Proof.
  • Bank Account Details.
:: Instructions :: (ikhedut portal)

1. Details that are red in front are mandatory.

In order to update / confirm the application, along with the application number, the account number of the land account which is given at the time of application should be given.
The application will not be updated after the application is confirmed.


iMojani jamin Mapani (Land Measurements) Gujarat |

After the application is confirmed, the print of the application can be taken.
If the name of the bank is not found in the list, contact the nearest agriculture office.
If the application number is not generated while saving the application, read the message in the above line of instructions.
Take a print out of the application, sign it, submit it to the concerned office and get a receipt.

How to Apply For the Tractor Subsidy on i-khedut Portal?

1. Visit the official website of the Gujarat I-khedut Portal: Website is Click Here.
2. Click on Schemes/plans and it will show different agriculture schemes given below:
3. Schemes of farming.

How to Check Status on Gujarat I-khedut Portal?

1. Go to the website : I-khedut Yojana Portal Online.
2. Click on the application status.
3. Now select the type of plan and receipt number or application number
4. Click on view application status than the status will be shown on screen.

Organic Farmers of NE Region developed domestic mkt linkages with Big basket, Big bazaar, Revanta foods, etc. for supply of ginger , Turmeric , Avocado etc. Contract farming of Thai Ginger by 3 FPC of Manipur with Sami labs is initiated.

Need of organic farming ( organic farming gujarat)

Hello Farmers, With the increase in population our Persuasion would be not only to stabilize agricultural production but to increase it further in sustainable manner. The realize of Scientists have , the ‘'Green Revolution'’ with high input Use has reached a plateaus & is now sustained with diminishing return of falling dividends. So, a natural balance needs to be maintained at all cost for existence of life and property. The obvious choice for that would be more relevant in the present Epoch, when these agro chemicals which are produced from fossil fuel and are not renewable and are diminishing in availability do you know?. It may also cost heavily on our foreign exchange in future too.

The key characteristics of organic farming include:-

The Protecting of long term fertility of soils by maintaining organic matter levels, encouraging soil biological activities, and careful mechanical intervention,
The Providing crop Nutrients indirectly using Relatively insoluble Nutrient sources which are made and available to the plant by the action of soil micro-organics.

The Self-sufficiency of Nitrogen that the use of legumes and Biological Nitrogen fixation, is as well as Effective recycling of organic Materials including crop residues and Live stock manures
Disease, Grass and Pest control relying primarily on Organic manuring, crop rotations, Diversity, Resistant Varieties and Limited ,chemical intervention and Thermal Biological .

The Extensive Management of Live stock, Behavioural needs and animal welfare issues with respect to health, nutrition, Paying full regard to their Evolutionary adaptations, Housing, breeding and rearing.

Carefully attention to the impact of the farming system on the wider Environment and the conservation of wildlife and Natural habitats
What is the organic farming / organic farming concept and development ?

What is organic farming?

The system of Organic farming in India is, Not new and is being followed from ancient time. It is a method of farming system which primary aimed at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way, as to keep the soil in Good health and alive. By use of organic wastes like crop, animal and farm wastes, aquatic and other wastes and other biological materials along with beneficial microbes (Biofertilizers) to release Nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco friendly pollution of free environment.

USDA study that the Definition of the team on organic farming “Organic Farming is a system which avoids or largely excludes the Use of synthetic inputs such as Hormones, Pesticides, etc.. and to the Maximum extent feasible rely upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, mineral grade rock biological and additives system of nutrient mobilization and the plant protection”.

The FAO suggested that the “Organic Agriculture is a unique production management system which is promote and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, soil biological activity and biological cycles , and this is accomplished by using on farm Agronomic,
mechanical and biological methods in exclusion of all synthetic off-farm inputs”.
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iMojani jamin Mapani (Land Measurements) Gujarat |

iMojani jamin Mapani (Land Measurements) Gujarat |

The government has decided to simply accept the land survey application from the IORA portal and to conduct the survey of the land registry office online.

Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat may be a software application designed to assist any citizen of Gujarat by providing information concerning land records. the first objective of this online portal is to offer you access (only if you're a citizen of Gujarat) to your land details, land owner’s name, and more, through 7/12 regester and records  maintened  by goverment of maharastra and gujarat.

AnyROR is that the online website which will have the Land Records available anywhere. National Informatics Centre develops the software with the Revenue Department of Gujarat. Officials regularly update land records of the state within the online web portal. AnyROR documents show the entire information about the land ownership, survey number of rural and concrete areas of the country. These documents will help within the land transactions process. As this is often the web process, you'll check information from anywhere using the document details.

Requirements of AnyROR Record :-
1. The ROR land details used for several purposes they're like

2. Check ownership of land

3. it's a crucial document during the registration

4. ROR is employed to urge loans from the bank

5. Land records are helpful to verify the owner during land sale

6. Division of land among the loved one

Types Of AnyROR Anywhere 7/12 :-
There are four sorts of AnyROR which are available and here are the sorts of AnyROR 7/12

VF6: Village Form 6 is that the register taken care by Talati or Village Accountant to integrate day to day changes in land records. With this, you'll check any changes within the details.

135D: 135 D may be a mutation notice that's prepared by Talati once we apply for the mutation. it's given to Khatedars concerned parties and the other for any objections.

Benefits of Any ROR Gujarat Land Records

Many benefits will help the landowners in their registration process. :-
1. AnyROR will decrease the prospect of false registration

2. No got to visit the offices for the land records whenever

3. All the land records are available within the online portal

4. Access the small print with simple information.

5. Survey number, land type, transactions, crop details are available.


iMojani jamin Mapani (Land Measurements) Gujarat: Tutorial Video

Download Official Paripatra

What is E-Dhara

E-Dhara is that the office located at every Taluka Mamlatdar office. It maintains the land administration of the state. The system has the computerised ROR account that consists of

· Digitalized ROR from the authorised counter in Taluka Office

How To Get Certified Computerized Copy Gujarat Land Record

1. to urge the computerised copy of VF7/12/VF 8A or VF 6, you would like to follow the steps as given below section

2. First, visit the closest e-Dhara Kendra available at the local Taluka Mamlatdar office.

3. Here, request for the ROR print and you ought to have survey number, owner name, Khata Number.

4. The office will confirm your details and provides the print of 7/12 or 8 A village form.

5. you would like to pay the fare of 15 Rupees to the officer for the ROR form.

Importance of Gujarat Records of Rights

1. Protects the rights of the owner of the land

2. Helps to urge a loan from a bank

3. Court demands land records proof just in case any dispute arises

4. a licensed copy of records of rights protects you from illegal land acquisitions or grabbing

Uses of Gujarat Records of Rights

1. are often wont to check the ownership of the land

2. are often wont to get access to information concerning the land

3. Works as an important document during the land sale

4. are often employed by farmers as a document while getting a loan from the bank

5. During the land sale, the land records are often employed by the customer can verify or check the revenue records of the land through land records

How to Check Land Records Survey No Urban

1. Visit the web site of AnyROR Gujarat within the browser.

2. Click on View Land Records-Urban from the house page of the location .

3. Select from the choices consistent with the need of the small print available on the web site .

4. Choose the District, and City Survey Office form drop list given within the text space on the page.

5. Also, enter the ward, survey No, Sheet No from the list. All this information is out there on the web site .

6. Enter the text given within the yellow background within the text space for the safety purpose.

7. Tap on “Get Detail” button on the page which will display the results on the page.
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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Dr. Ambedkar Awas Yojana Online Application Form-2020 | डॉ अंबेडकर आवास योजना गुजरात-2020

Dr. Ambedkar Awas Yojana Online Application Form-2020 | डॉ अंबेडकर आवास योजना गुजरात-2020

The purpose of the scheme

Scheduled Caste Homeless, Open Plot, Uninhabitable Raw Mud and to build a house on the first floor 1,20,000 is paid in three installments. Out of Rs. 1,20,000 assistance, first installment – Rs. 40,000, second installment – Rs. 60,000 and third installment – Rs.20,000/- will be given to beneficiary.

Terms and Conditions

Beneficiary should not have availed benefits under any other housing scheme implemented by the Government by the beneficiary or other family members of the beneficiary.

The complete construction of the house will not be completed with the help received under Dr. Ambedkar Awas Yojana, so the construction of the building will have to be completed by adding the remaining amount to the beneficiary himself.

Annual income in rural areas should not exceed Rs.1,20,000 and in urban areas annual income should not exceed Rs.1,50,000.

In addition to housing assistance, under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme in rural areas for housing construction, 90 days unskilled employment can be obtained from the NREGA branch of the taluka panchayat as per the rules of the scheme.

Under Swachh Bharat Mission, Rs. 12,000 / – for toilet can be obtained from Taluka Panchayat in rural areas and Nagarpalika / Mahanagarpalika in urban areas.

Document to be submitted

◆ Aadhar card of the applicant

◆ Ration card

◆ Election credentials

◆ Example of applicant’s caste / sub-caste
Example of total annual income of the applicant
Proof of Residence: (Electricity Bill, License, Lease Agreement, Copy of Election Card

◆ Bank passbook / canceled check (applicant’s name)

◆ Land Ownership Base / Document / Size Form / Rights Form / Charter Form (as applicable).

◆ Copy of the map showing the area of ​​the land on which the building is to be constructed, signed by Talati-cum-Minister.

◆ Building construction lot

◆ An affidavit stating that he has not availed of this scheme before

◆ Example of husband’s death (if a widow)

Apply Online And Application Form :-

Apply Online :-

Steps for Online Application :-
1. Register Yourself
2. Login & Update Profile
3. Apply For the Scheme
4. Submit Your Application
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Kutumb Sahay Gov. Scheme (Familly Assistance) Yojana In Gujarat

Kutumb Sahay Gov. Scheme (Familly Assistance) Yojana In Gujarat

Kutumb Sahay (Familly Assistance) Yojana in Gujarat : The main bread -winner has to be a family member whose income constituted a major share of the family’s total income. The death of  bread-earner should have occurred whilst she/he is above 18 years of age and below 60 years of age is also.

A woman in our family, who is a home-maker, is also considered as a ‘bread-winner’ under this scheme (Yojana). The family shall qualify as a family Living under the Poverty line.

The prime benefits of NFBS are its financial support for dependent beneficiary. If  the emotional loss or mental content can’t be replaced with anything, financial assistance can make life easier for the Unanimated’s family, especially who living under the poverty line. One can find more information about the benefits by downloading the pdf document with the guidelines of this Gov. Yojana.

One could avail the form by clicking on the link enclosed here in
Similarly, filled-in this Application forms are to be submitted to the Appointed officer appointed by the respective state governments. At the district level, the implementation of this Yojana has been entrusted to Zilla Parishad or its equivalent. At the local level, the Gram Panchayat & Municipality would implement this Yojana. 

National Family Support Scheme also known as - Sankat Mochan (NFBS):

(A) Eligibility Criteria :-

1. The family should be in BPL List.
2. The Natural or accidental death of the main income earner of the family for this scheme.
3. Age of dead  Female or Male should be more than 18 years and less than 60 years.
4. For this benefits Application to be submitted within 2 years after the death.

(B) Benefits :- Rs. 20,000/- to the family.

(C) Where to Apply ?

2. Apply to Taluka Mamlatdar.

The Taluka Mamlatdars are authorized to approve or disapprove the assistance under the benefits of this scheme. An appeal can be given to Prant Officer in 60 days in case of disapproval of your application.

Click Here to Read In Gujarati Kutumb Sahay  Scheme In Gujarat

View Gujarati Video For Kutumb Sahay Scheme In Gujarat

Download Application Form For Kutumb Sahay Scheme In Gujarat

Hello Dear Friends, We daily updates our site. In our site you can get jobs, Gk, Gov.sheme, educational News Updates and many more important news updates. So visit our site regularly.
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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Kisan Parivahan Yojana, Read information and Apply online Process

Kisan Parivahan Yojana, Read information and Apply Online Process

  • Freight carrier vehicle
  • Kisan Parivahan Yojana

Category 1): Small / Marginal / Women / Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe Farmers:

5% of the total cost or Rs. 5,000 / - whichever is less than 2 

Category 2): General / Other Farmers: 5% of total cost or Rs. In case of empanelment by the account of less than Rs. 50,000 / -, the beneficiary farmer has to purchase from the authorized seller of the manufacturer included in the panel prepared for the purpose of price discovery declared by the account from time to time.

Possible target of the state for the year 20-21: 8333

The Modi government has started a replacement scheme to develop the transport in rural areas. Pradhan Mantri Gram Parivahan Scheme is one such yojana which will provide subsidies to the agricultural transportation. Proper roads or the other way of transportation are going to be the strong initiatives for development. In fact, still there are many rural villages of India don’t have proper transportation medium due to not having roads. during this scheme women can also get opportunities.


Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana List 2020 || Gov.Yojana

1. Anyone can apply for the schemes available at that time on the iKhedut portal.

2. The eligibility and non-eligibility of the application is decided by the designated officer on the basis of site inspection or manual verification of records.
The status of whether the application is eligible or not is updated in the application by the authorized person.

3. The pre-approval officer pre-approves the applications.

4. Verify work is also decide after thorough

5. Pre-approval Order and Payment Order are signed by the competent authority

It is necessary to take a print out of this application. The print out of the online application should be taken and signed / thumbprinted and submitted to the office / office mentioned on the application within seven (7) days from the date of application and then submit. Or after the farmer has applied online on the iFarmer portal, his print can be taken, scanned by signing / thumbprinting, scanning and uploading on the portal by click on this "...Application Print" Menu. Jaya also has the facility to upload scanned copies of the caste pattern in the "Other Document Upload" menu where applicable. So that the farmer does not need to submit the application in person to the office. Uploading scanned copy in PDF format should not exceed 500 KB in size.

Rajasthan was allocated 9 blocks under AGEY. The responsibility of identifying the blocks lies with the government .

Apply online from here


:: Steps ::

1. Apply again by clicking on the "Apply New" button.

2. Click on the "Update Application" button to update the application.

3. Confirm once the application is correct.

4. Take a print out of the confirmed application.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mx Player Launched app- MX TakaTak - a Short Video App

Mx Player Launched app- MX TakaTak - a Short Video App

Mx Player Launched app Mx Takatak, The New short Video App: "MX TakaTak offers you real and funny videos that you can simply watch and share in social media. Browse all kinds of videos like funny,comedy, trajedy, starting from Dialogue Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and lots of many more,"it says the application's description on the Google Play Store.

 Original Indian Short Videos App 
☆ Create new Music Videos 
☆ Funny Dialogue Dubbing on app
☆ Post Real Videos in app
☆ Lip-Sync Videos you make.

MX TakaTak is may be a short video community application to sharing with our friends and family, made locally and specially by MX Media Player & Entertainment in India. In MX TakaTak, we provide you to rich video content and encourage creation full of imagination and you become a famous star.

MX TakaTak offers you to make real and funny videos that you can watch and share in social media like whatsapp , facebook, instagram etc. Browse all types of videos you create, ranging from Dialogue Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, Food, Sports, Memes, and many more you can create and upload videos on mx takatak app.

Music Video Maker App :

Create a short funny music videos on the
go, dub your favourite film dialogue, dance videos, and a lot many more, share on Facebook, Whatsapp, instagram and other social media platforms. Edit videos using our editing features and share more and more !!

🔥~: Trending on MX TakaTak :~🔥

💕 ~ Beauty
💃 ~ Dance
👄 ~ Lip-sync
🎶 ~ Singing
💻 ~ Tech
🤣 ~ Jokes
🤥 ~ Trick
🙌🏽 ~Challenge
🍻 ~Cooking
🤡 ~ Comedy
👏🏽 ~Bollywood
🏖 ~Fashion-style

Main Features of app

► Trending India of hot videos
Browse trending hot, funny, amazing videos just in a swipe on your smart phone! Loading  instantly, smooth interface, and free of charge.

► Save and share status on social media
Up to 10,000 status short videos available for you to pick And share more and more.

► Shoot & Edit the way you like
Record the most creative side of you and share with your fansclub!

► Beauty effects for you
You can choose beauty effects and filters during shooting a video and share.

► Video editor on app
Combine and adjust your videos to the way you need them to your choose.

► Photo editor on app
You can Pick up to 9 photos and start a story with them.

► Rich Music Library on app
An envolving music library with fresh editor's picks. Take your creative potential to the next level and unlock the world of endless possibilities and you make super videos on app.

Download MX TakaTak -a Short Video App 


Content languages in app

You can enjoy videos on many more languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi.
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Damini app: Lightning Alert Application by IITM-Pune and ESSO

Damini app: Lightning Alert Application by IITM-Pune and ESSO

Ministry of Sciences of the govt of India has created a special quite application of Damini. With this app use, we will get a warning before 30 to 40 minutes of lightning of arounding 40km. The name of this app is Damini, which can warning alert us before a lightning strikes also as gives info about prevention from it.

Damini app : Lightning Alert Apps by IITM-Pune and ESSO: Damini Lightning application is develop by IITM-Pune and ESSO.

This apps is monitoring all lightning activity which are happening in specifically for all over india.

This Daming app is give alert you if lightning is happening near you by GPS Notification under 20KM and 40KM.

The Details description of instruction, precautions is provided in this apps while in lightning prone area. Does and Don't for in specific situation is strictly followed when lightning happen nears you for your safety purpose, so you can Download Damini app.

You can download Damini app for free of charge from Google Play Store and this link is available on our site. below link is available.

This application has been given a rating of 4.7 in Play Store also as 10 thousand people have downloaded it thus far . During this app, you will enter the Name of your Location and obtain info about things are there. If there's an opportunity of lightning there yo can alert, then this app will offer you information in English and Hindi language before hand . consistent with this report, this app will soon be updated in other regional languages also and this notify you have been alert. There are Four options given below in this application, out of which you will get info on the way to protect it from lightning and also to urge first medical treatment of you.

For Download Damini : Lightning Alert App

Download from Here : Google Play Store

Download from Here : Apple App Store

Let me tell you about this app, This app is developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology (IITM), was operational for six (6) months. Senior scientist Dr.Sunil Pawar of the team that created this app, he said that electricity falls in other places of the planet also , but death in India is the highest. consistent with the application, quite 2,000 people die per annum thanks to lightning app in India. In such a this situation, people will get great help from this Damini app.

Damini :- Lightning Alert Application Works Within a Radius of 40 Km arias.

Meteorologist HP Chandra of Raipur Meteorological Center told about that this application will provide you with a warning before lightning strikes. It are often downloaded from the Google Play Store to any smart mobile  phone. After downloading this app, it trace your location through Google. If the lightning goes on within a radius of 40 km or if the lightning is close to fall, then this app will tell you and motif you via alert.
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Shree Rammandir Bhumi poojan -Shree Ram -ABCD Whatsapp DP Download your Alphabet Image

Shree Rammandir Bhumi poojan -Shree Ram -ABCD Whatsapp  DP Download your Alphabet Image 

PA Modi said that the Ram is within all of US, has merged. PA will in addition said that, Lord Rama's possible to see, the buildings destroyed and what was not. The existence of elimination to try was born, but the Ram is still in our minds. Hanuman's blessings from Ram temple to make work has been started, the temple of the modernity of the symbol will become. The temple of our national spirit the symbol of the will, it millions of people's collective will power of the symbol also will become.PA Modi said that the temple is the next generation of resolution by an inspiration to create. Across the world people will be here, the people will get opportunities.

Watch Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan LIVE : Time, Date, Muhurat
In Ayodhya Lord Rama's magnificent temple building of the beginning of today's will be. Today grand Ram temple land worship is going to happen. Which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take part.
New Delhi: Ayodhya of Lord Rama of the magnificent building the temple the beginning of today's will be. Today grand Ram temple land worship is going to happen. Which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take part. PA Modi 12 pm 40 minutes 8 seconds on the Ram of the motherland on the Ram temple of dharila front.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that my good fortune is to me trust historic moment for the invited. My come the nature of the spiritual today, he said, the history of the craft is coming. Today India Ram is a flexible, every mind deep bed is. PA Modi said that Raj Kajal China non could captivate which in the rest...century of Into finish are going. Years until Ram tests had lived, but now the elegant temple of Justice.
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Ram Mandir Bhumi Pooja Live Program || Full Schedule and more Updates

Prime Minister Modi's own Udon the start of the Jai Shri Ram of the NAR did with was. He said that, today the gas just stars city in not only the sounds but its going spread throughout the world and millions of Ram devotees by today is the holy occasion of congratulations.

My good fortune is that, Ramjanmabhoomi Tirth Trust invited me and the historical moment of the witness the opportunity to give. Come naturally it was also because, राम काज कीन्हे बिनु मोहि कहाँ बिश्राम. The same with he said that, screw on the shores of the golden history of Designed are. Today the whole of India Ram flexible happened. Across India surpasses happened.
He further said that the centuries of waiting for the end of is coming. Ramalla years in the tent going, but now a magnificent temple will be created. PA Modi said that the slavery period for the freedom of movement lasted, 15 August the day it is the movement of a symbol and martyr of bigotry is. In the same way, generation from Ram temple to many over the centuries have tried, today's the day it preparedness of the symbol. Ram Temple running of movement in the render-turn-conflict-resolution took place.

Temple of the modernity of the symbol will become : PM Modi

PA Modi said that the Ram is within all of US, has merged. PA will in addition said that, Lord Rama's possible to see, the buildings destroyed and what was not. The existence of elimination to try was born, but the Ram is still in our minds. Hanuman's blessings from Ram temple to make work has been started, the temple of the modernity of the symbol will become. The temple of our national spirit the symbol of the will, it millions of people's collective will power of the symbol also will become.PA Modi said that the temple is the next generation of resolution by an inspiration to create. Across the world people will be here, the people will get opportunities.

In India the power of the whole world for the study of the subject.

Today the people of the country with the collaboration of the Ram temple-building began, like the RAM on the stone of Shri Ram write to Ram Setu were created, in the same way at home from home located in stones faith's source have become. This is neither past that is not is the future. PA Modi said that in India the power in the whole world for the study of the subject is

Yogi Adityanath's statement

At the program after the address has been is going. Upon CMs Yogi Adityanath said that five centuries after today 135 crore Indians resolve to finish going to be there. In the country democratic method over the temple building is coming.

In Gujarat, the remander Umino festival observed have been when Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, including cities and villages from the enthusiasm from the celebration of being. CM Rupani, BJP Pradesh president C R Patil including people about this congratulations on the offer and had his own way of celebration is also to be had.

Ahmedabad, Surat in the celebration

Vadodara, Rajkot in celebration

English fill in the celebration

Remander at the time CM rope at the message gave was that, Ram temple-building from nation building will be. Heavy Almighty be it RAM for God's part in prayer. Solar rmkt to congratulations. Five centenary of any and survey at certainty happened. Shriramana genes Ram temple will be created.

The BJP Pradesh president C R Patil rmander laid foundation stone commemorating Surat in Varachha at the program was attended and Lord Rama Worship performed was doing. 

The world's oldest culture. Ram God is perfect. The temple becomes the people's desire was. The Today full is taking place. The country of all races of the people is confirmed. 
Speed the temple build will be. Car service in belonging to the people Shahid the OR is. The Supreme Court of the decision taken by MG also thanks. Pakistan map away from the will. I Pakistan's hitch by wood cut in the AM.

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