Ram Mandir Bhumi Pooja Live Program || Full Schedule and more Updates

Prime Minister Modi's own Udon the start of the Jai Shri Ram of the NAR did with was. He said that, today the gas just stars city in not only the sounds but its going spread throughout the world and millions of Ram devotees by today is the holy occasion of congratulations.

My good fortune is that, Ramjanmabhoomi Tirth Trust invited me and the historical moment of the witness the opportunity to give. Come naturally it was also because, राम काज कीन्हे बिनु मोहि कहाँ बिश्राम. The same with he said that, screw on the shores of the golden history of Designed are. Today the whole of India Ram flexible happened. Across India surpasses happened.
He further said that the centuries of waiting for the end of is coming. Ramalla years in the tent going, but now a magnificent temple will be created. PA Modi said that the slavery period for the freedom of movement lasted, 15 August the day it is the movement of a symbol and martyr of bigotry is. In the same way, generation from Ram temple to many over the centuries have tried, today's the day it preparedness of the symbol. Ram Temple running of movement in the render-turn-conflict-resolution took place.

Temple of the modernity of the symbol will become : PM Modi

PA Modi said that the Ram is within all of US, has merged. PA will in addition said that, Lord Rama's possible to see, the buildings destroyed and what was not. The existence of elimination to try was born, but the Ram is still in our minds. Hanuman's blessings from Ram temple to make work has been started, the temple of the modernity of the symbol will become. The temple of our national spirit the symbol of the will, it millions of people's collective will power of the symbol also will become.PA Modi said that the temple is the next generation of resolution by an inspiration to create. Across the world people will be here, the people will get opportunities.

In India the power of the whole world for the study of the subject.

Today the people of the country with the collaboration of the Ram temple-building began, like the RAM on the stone of Shri Ram write to Ram Setu were created, in the same way at home from home located in stones faith's source have become. This is neither past that is not is the future. PA Modi said that in India the power in the whole world for the study of the subject is

Yogi Adityanath's statement

At the program after the address has been is going. Upon CMs Yogi Adityanath said that five centuries after today 135 crore Indians resolve to finish going to be there. In the country democratic method over the temple building is coming.

In Gujarat, the remander Umino festival observed have been when Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, including cities and villages from the enthusiasm from the celebration of being. CM Rupani, BJP Pradesh president C R Patil including people about this congratulations on the offer and had his own way of celebration is also to be had.

Ahmedabad, Surat in the celebration

Vadodara, Rajkot in celebration

English fill in the celebration

Remander at the time CM rope at the message gave was that, Ram temple-building from nation building will be. Heavy Almighty be it RAM for God's part in prayer. Solar rmkt to congratulations. Five centenary of any and survey at certainty happened. Shriramana genes Ram temple will be created.

The BJP Pradesh president C R Patil rmander laid foundation stone commemorating Surat in Varachha at the program was attended and Lord Rama Worship performed was doing. 

The world's oldest culture. Ram God is perfect. The temple becomes the people's desire was. The Today full is taking place. The country of all races of the people is confirmed. 
Speed the temple build will be. Car service in belonging to the people Shahid the OR is. The Supreme Court of the decision taken by MG also thanks. Pakistan map away from the will. I Pakistan's hitch by wood cut in the AM.

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