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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Download mAadhaar App: Official government App For Aadhaar Card

Download mAadhaar App:  Official government App For Aadhaar Card

With the goal of reaching out to large numbers of smartphone users, the new mAadhaar is released by the Unique Identification Authority of India. The App features an array of Aadhaar services and a personalized section for the Aadhaar holder who can carry their Aadhaar information in form of a soft copy, instead of carrying a physical copy all the time.

key features in mAadhaar App:

Multilingual : In order to ensure the Aadhaar Services are accessible to linguistically diverse residents of India, the menu, button labels and form fields are provided in English as well as in 12 Indian languages (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannad, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu). After installation, the user will be prompted to select any of the preferred languages. However, the input fields in the forms will accept data entered in the English language only. This is done to help the user avoid facing the challenges of typing in regional languages (due to limitations in the mobile keyboards).

Universality: Resident with or without Aadhaar can install this App in their smart phones. However to avail personalized Aadhaar services the resident will have to register their Aadhaar Profile in the App.

Aadhaar Online Services on Mobile: The mAadhaar user can avail the featured services for themselves as well as for any other resident seeking Aadhaar or related help. The functionalities are broadly grouped as :

Main Service Dashboard: Direct access to download Aadhaar, Order a Reprint, Address Update, Download offline eKYC, Show or Scan QR Code, Verify Aadhaar, Verify mail/email, retrieve UID/EID, Request for Address Validation Letter

o Request Status Services: To help resident check status of various online requests

My Aadhaar: This is a personalized section for Aadhaar holder where the resident will not have to enter their Aadhaar number to avail Aadhaar services. In addition, this section also provides facility for the resident to lock/unlock their Aadhaar or Biometric Authentication.

Aadhaar Locking – Aadhaar holder can lock their UID/Aadhaar number anytime they wish.

Biometric locking/unlocking secures biometric authentication by locking biometrics data. Once resident enables Biometric Locking system their biometric remains locked till the Aadhaar Holder chose to either unlock it (which is temporary) or Disable the Locking system.

TOTP generation – Time-based One-Time Password is an automatically generated temporary password that can be used instead of SMS based OTP.

Update of profile – To updated view of Aadhaar profile data after successful completion of update request.

 Sharing of QR code and eKYC data by Aadhaar Number holder helps Aadhaar users share their password-protected eKYC or QR code for safe and paperless verification.

Multi-profile: Aadhaar holder can include multiple (up to 3) profiles (with the same registered mobile number) in their profile section.

Aadhaar Services on SMS ensures Aadhaar holder avail Aadhaar services even when there is no network.

Locate Enrolment Center helps the user find the nearest Enrolment Center.


Download mAadhaar App From here
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Adhar Card Adress update via mAadhar Application

Adhar Card Adress update via mAadhar Application

Aadhaar card is a very important document. The Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It contains all the information of the cardholder. The base also includes biometric and demographic records. No need to visit stores for any complaints or corrections regarding support.

Using the mAadhaar App

UIDAI Aadhaar card holders can also avail many facilities through digital medium. For this, you have to use Aadhaar Mobile App (mAadar App).

How to change address on Aadhaar card: Online

Only those individuals whose mobile numbers are registered with UIDAI will be able to do it. Here is a step-by-step guide to update your address online:

Step 1: Visit the official website, Aadhaar Self Service Update portal,

Step 2: After visiting the website, tap 'Proceed to update Address' option to update the address.

Step 3: Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number or you can even enter your 28-digit Enrolment ID (EID) as mentioned on the acknowledgement slip or 16 Digit Virtual ID (VID).

Step 4: Next enter that captcha code and tap 'Send OTP' or enter 'TOTP'.

Step 5: A six-digit OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

Step 6: Enter the OTP and log-in.

Step 7: On the next page, if you have the valid documents, then you can update the address by clicking on the Update Address via Address Proof' tab.

Step 9: On the new page you need to enter the details, upload a valid supporting document, Submit and follow the instructions given on the screen.

ગુજરાતી ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ અહિંથી વાંચો

Features of mAadhaar App

  • You can download support through mAadhaar App.
  • You can check the status of support.
  • Support can order for reprint.
  • Get information from the support center.
  • Address update.
  • Offline e-KYC download.
  • Scan QR code.
  • Verify support.
  • Base locking, biometric locking / unlocking.
  • OTP Generation.
  • Profile update
  • QR code sharing
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Josh app - Made in India

India’s best short videos app to enjoy the foremost viral and trending short videos in your Language.

Kya tumhare thumke me hai Jacqueline waala dum? Here’s Jacqueline Fernandes doing her #ThumkaLagaDuniyaHila challenge. what's your twist? Show us now and acquire chance to win prizes up to Rs25 Lakhs hebdomadally !

Watch original and exclusive content of the only creators in India with

🔥 T Faisu, Hasnain Khan, Adnaan Shaikh, Faiz Baloch, and Shadan Farooqui

🔥Teen Tigada- Sameeksha, Bhavin & Vishal

And many many more!

🔥 Yeh Sab Hai Josh Mein! Kya Tum Bhi Ho Josh Pe? 🔥

Download Josh to become a neighborhood of a creator community where you'll take trends into your own hands by uploading, sharing and promoting all the content YOU love!  the Josh, now it’s your turn! #JoshMeinAaja

Create Amazing Duets

Amazing Duets = Double Dhamaka! Sing along side your Bae, dance with loved ones, and make awesome Duets with our Joshilay creators. Funny, romantic, or dialogues – choose as you would like and make a Joshila duet and show your talent to Bharat.

Participate in Challenges and become a Star

We have all got hidden superstar inside us; all it takes is correct platform and slightly push. go ahead and participate within the challenge, create your video, and share with the world! you'll gain many followers and hearts and become a Star! #joshchallenge

Josh is ‘Made in India’ app for creators of the world! Josh possesses amazing Camera with cool features like – Filters, movie , thousands of background sounds, and much of more which allows you to shoot cool and amazing Videos.

Josh develops a customized feed that curates all of your preferences in one place, supported all of your clicks, taps and likes on videos. We understand your evolving entertainment choices and adapt our recommendations to supply you the only , most relevant and scroll-stopping videos.

Josh features a variety of fun and interesting videos for all:

  • 🔥 Trending Videos
  • 🎬 Mast Entertainment Videos
  • 😂 Funny videos
  • 🎵 Video Songs
  • 💗 WhatsApp Status
  • 🔥 Glamourous Dance Videos
  • 😊 Cute & Funny Pets Videos

It doesn’t stop there! Features which can amaze you:

•Multilingual Mazza: Josh App is out there in multiple Indian languages. Watch trending videos in Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and much of more! Additionally, watch trending international videos too.

•Sharing is Caring (and Creating): If you would like it, share it! Find entertaining videos across genres and instantly share them as your Whatsapp status and within your group .

•Hassi toh Phassi: Watch India’s Most Trending Videos featuring singing, dancing, acting, lip-syncing & mimicry and laugh along to viral memes and funny videos. you're sure to find something you're keen on .

•Become a star by sharing your video creations with family and friends through Facebook or Whatsapp.

•Don’t have the app? No worries! Your friends can still watch the video from the shared link.


•Show and encourage everyone along side your talent. Create and upload your videos, also beautify them by using some amazing filters.

• Use trending music to urge make your videos more exciting.

• Curate your profile to spotlight your unique talent and attract more followers.


• Follow your favourites creators to never miss an update from them.

•Watch the only , handpicked videos from other users and determine more interesting profiles to follow

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Important announcement of the state government for farmers

Important announcement of the state government for farmers

The scheme of providing financial assistance to the farmers for erection of iron barbed wire fence around the farm to prevent damage to the crops of the prolific wild animals was continued with the resolutions / amendments of this section numbered (1) to (2).

This plan can be read on Dumma: (3) of this section. With the resolution dated 31/4/2018, the work was transferred to the Rural Development Division under the Department of Panchayat, Work Housing and Rural Development. As per the proposal of Gujarat State Land Development Corporation to continue the scheme, in the budget of the year 2020-21, Rs. 1.00 lakh symbol provision was made. And for the year 2020-21, the reading was continued with the resolution dated 05/09/2060 of this department as per the reading number

Important announcement of the state government for farmers

(2). Implementation Office Gujarat State Land Development Corporation Ltd. under the present scheme. Instead Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Matter of doing and above date of the scheme. Implementation method as per resolution of 06/09/2020, standard of assistance, matter of change in eligibility of beneficiary and Rs. Resolution: After careful consideration by the Government, the implementation office of this scheme will be Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation instead of Gujarat State Land Development Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Implementing as follows and in the provision of Rs. 19.00 (nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety) lakh increased to Rs. It is decided to compensate the provision of Rs. 200,000 (twenty thousand) lakhs in the revised estimates for the year 2020-21 and to spend and give administrative sanction subject to the following conditions.


Under this scheme the farmer / farmers will have to apply by forming a cluster of their lands in groups. An area of ​​at least five (five) hectares (cluster) will be allowed for all categories of farmers, (3) Guple leaders will have to be determined by the farmers for each cluster. (3) According to the cluster of land, the group of beneficiaries will have to approve the assistance of Rs.500 per running meter or 50% of the actual cost, whichever is less.

(2) Applications have to be received through i-farmer portal and approval of State Government for allotment of district wise targets as well as in case of further applications approval has to be given through online draw system but at the end of the year unsubscribed applications are to be carried forward to next year. So that the beneficiary does not need to re-apply.


(3) Before approving the application, the wire fencing at the site should be checked by third party inspection and also after the completion of the work, it should be checked by third party inspection and final payment should be made only after third party inspection report. GPS location tagging should be done at the time of verification. The implementing agency of this scheme will be Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Must be made separately by and approved by the State Government.


(4) Five% of the administrative cost (including the cost of publicity) for the implementation of this scheme will be incurred by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Will get. Wire Fencing Goods – Specification of Materials Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. It has to be decided in advance and get the approval of the state government. The design of wire facing has been prepared by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. and approved by the State Government on.

5% of the administrative cost (including the cost of publicity) for the implementation of this scheme will be borne by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Will get. Wire Fencing Goods – Specification of Materials Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. It has to be decided in advance and get the approval of the state government.

The design of wire facing should be prepared by Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. and published after getting approval from the State Government. The farmer will not be able to build a wire fence with low quality or low quality goods due to the design decided. After constructing the fence, the farmer has to maintain it at his own cost. Farmers will get the benefit of this scheme only once in that survey number. And the benefit of this scheme will not be available as a member of the re-group for the survey number who has got the benefit of the scheme earlier. – The scheme will be implemented across the state.


In the revised estimates for the year 2020-21, the additional provision has to be offset and the expenditure has to be made within the limits of the grant allotted by the Finance Department from time to time subject to the provision. Expenditure will be for the purpose for which the budget has been provided. Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner subject to the provisions determined by the Government from time to time and the applicable norms. The prescribed conditions of the schemes have to be strictly followed. In the matter of tender processing of the present work, the provisions and instructions made in the matter of “e” tendering as per Resolution No. SPO / 102008/1603 / Ch, Dt. Pursuant to this approval, if any item is to be procured, it shall be in accordance with the prevailing norms and rules of the Government. ) If any savings remain at the end of the year, they will have to be returned. Expenditure in this regard shall be borne from the date of this resolution. UTC under the schemes. It remains to be seen if it will be sent on time. Grant allotted under this sanction may not be used for any other purpose.

Important announcement of the state government for farmers

Official circular by Government: Download

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Changed bike seat rules, read new government rules otherwise

Changed bike seat rules, read new government rules otherwise

In view of the increasing number of road accidents, the government has decided to make some changes in the construction of vehicles and the facilities available in them.  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has changed a number of rules in view of safety.  Then some new rules have also been implemented.  

The ministry’s new guideline has been issued for bike riders.  The guideline states that people sitting in the back seat of a bike driver must follow these rules.  The new rules are as follows.

🔹Hand hold behind the driver's seat

 🔹Directions for light container installation

 🔹Also a new guideline for tires

1. Hand hold behind the driver's seat

 Hand hold is required on both sides of the back seat of the bike as per the guideline of the ministry.

 The hand hold is for the safety of the occupant.  If the bike driver suddenly brakes, he can catch it.  Along with this a stand with feet on both sides is required for those sitting in the back.  In addition at least half of the left side of the rear tire of the bike should be securely covered.  So that the clothes of the person sitting behind do not get into the wheel.

2 Directions for lightweight container installation

 The ministry has issued guidelines for installing lightweight containers in bikes.  The length of this container should not exceed 550 mm, width 510 mm and height 500 mm.  Only the driver will be allowed if the container is placed in the rear ride position.  Meaning no one else sits on the bike.  The other person can sit on the bike if placed behind the rear seat.

3. Also new guideline regarding tires

 The government has recently issued a new guideline on tires.  Under this, a tire pressure monitoring system is recommended for vehicles weighing up to a maximum of 3.5 tons.  The sensor in this system provides the driver with the information about the air condition in the tires of the vehicle.  


The ministry has also considered tire service.  Implementing this will eliminate the need for extra tires in the car.  The government has been changing the road safety rules from time to time.  The last few years have seen an emphasis on tightening road safety regulations

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Caller Name Announcer Apps For Hands-Free Pro

Caller Name Announcer Apps For Hands-Free Pro

Caller Name Announcer Apps For Hands-Free Pro

Caller Name Announcer Apps

 Adopting this trick will take the name of the smartphone and tell you a whose message or phone call cameIt often happens that the phone is different from us when we are busy with the necessary work. In that case, if someone gets a call, he has to leave work and go to pick up the phone. In that case, if the phone itself tells you whose phone is coming then you can decide the priority whether you have to pick up the phone or finish your work.

Welcome to Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro, the top Android app that announces the caller name the instant you receive an incoming call or text messages. Faster, better, and 100% free, This is a powerful announcer app to help you drive safely & helps you interact with the device in situations when you’re physically limited. 

Caller Name Announcer Apps is useful for all who want to show smart than others.
Caller Name Announcer Apps For Hands-Free Pro

  • Hear the name of the person calling you
  • Read incoming SMS messages
  • Read messages from WhatsApp

New Widget
You can use the app widget to enable/disable the spoken announcements. This way you can turn off the system quickly if you aren’t in a good place to hear them.
The app is designed for when users are driving or doing something important and when you can’t just accept any incoming call or text message. The app is also designed for blind and/or visually impaired users, for users who are physically limited to interact with the screen. That’s why a caller announcement solution is vital: identify who is calling you without touching the phone, by using our speak alert system.

Technical specification of the app

The size of this app is 10MB. However, once installed, it takes up 40MB to 50MB of space in the phone. The app has received over 5 million downloads so far. App 5.1 supports all operating systems and above. The app has a 4.3 star rating.As the creators of the top caller identification tool for SMS and calls, we understand that it’s not easy to find a call announcer app that is both FREE and powerful at the same time. Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro speaks the caller’s name for incoming calls. 

Telling you who is calling before you look at the phone.

Caller Name Announcer is connected to our Caller ID function, which enables our announcer app to identify unknown callers so you know if you should accept the call or not.

Our Android SMS announcer feature announces the name of the person who sends you text messages. Similar to our call announcer function, our SMS announcer is also connected to our phone database and is able to identify unknown numbers who send you SMS.

Our caller ID feature also identifies unknown telephone numbers so you can know who called you even if the number is not in your Contact list. This call announcer & SMS announcer app for Android is ideal when you are working, driving, or doing other things and you need to put your phone on hands-free mode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro? It’s FREE to download and use for any Android user, user or phone.


  • • Our hands-free app, lets you hear who’s calling or texting you while driving and support in situations when your physical interactions with your phone are limited.
  • • Our app identifies caller and text message sender and announce it loudly, servicing as a caller check but also caller name speaker alert system.
  • • Find out who called you or send you text messages immediately even before you take a look at your phone with our smart caller ID display system.
  • • Identify unknown numbers and callers ID who are not on your Contact list with our Caller ID function.
  • • Our incoming message announcer & SMS announcer it’s the most user friendly for Android users
  • • Turn ON or OFF our caller announcer function as you like. Customize it 100%
  • • Built in Caller ID function to identify unknown callers & text message senders.
  • • Options to save and call back Missed Call numbers, Completed Call numbers, and No Answer call numbers.

The process of using the app
  • First, install the Caller Name Announcer Pro app on your smartphone. It’s free for Android users on the Google Play Store. When you first open the app, ALLOW the requested permissions.
  • Then you will now have to test the speech of the app. Click on the Speech Test button. A voice will come and then the message of test success will come. He has to give Yes. Now you will see many options in the main window including call, audio, SMS, WhatsApp.

Check by going to all these options. Go to the audio setting and set the speech rate, pitch, and volume. You cannot change some settings. You can also select the number of times you want to hear the caller’s name in the call setting. The same can be said for SMS.You will have to give some special access to the WhatsApp setting. After doing OK, the WhatsApp message announcement will be turned on.
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All in One Recharge Plans - Mobile Recharge

All in One Recharge Plans - Mobile Recharge

Online mobile recharge plan with all this in one recharge follow app. All prepaid and postpaid mobile recharge plans, DTH bill payment and online mobile plan recharge, mobile recharge app.

Mobile Recharge Plan App

Now recharge plans using network (sim) like Vodafone, BSNL, Idea, Reliance, Jio, Tata Docomo, Vodafone, this app, mobile recharge, idea recharge,

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You can also recharge plans like My Recharge, Airtel Recharge, My Jio, Recharge It, etc. Mobile recharge, amazing recharge, prepaid mobile recharge, offer postpaid mobile recharge on mobile recharge, recharge with Jio offer, recharge plans with online recharge

Mobile Recharge Assistant:

Before recharging your prepaid mobile, find the best recharge plan / pack for your exact need. The iReff app is the fastest and easiest way for you to find and buy a recharge plan through your online recharge partners. Browse through general benefit categories - Topup, SMS, Data (4G / 3G / 2G), Local, STD, ISD. Or try the powerful full-text search feature to find a recharge plan to compare your specific requirement or price / plan.

Mobile plan details include FTT, Extra Talk Time (Full TT +), Local, STD, 2G, 3G, 4G, Roaming, Night Pack, Validity Plan, Recharge Type, Self Activation Code, FRC and Conditional Recharge for users. There is a special warning to alert.

DTH recharge with exciting deals available for Tata Sky, Airtel DTH, Dish TV, Reliance Big TV DTH, Videocon D2H and Sun TV DTH. It also supports DTH activation and online recharge option.
You can also find commonly used USSD / SMS codes to check balances and balance benefits. Want to contact operator customer service? We also got that cover.
Find all the latest tariff plans for all networks / operators, find details of latest Reliance Jio recharge offers and plans here.
Get amazing discounts and cash back on all recharge transactions and more.

Mobile Recharge Schemes:

You can get details about Topup Vouchers, Special Tariff Vouchers (STV), Combo Vouchers and Full Talk Time Offers. If you are looking for a plan to help a friend, just share it with the app in beautiful format. Mobile retailers find it very useful to answer customer recharge queries.

Manage Mobile Subscription:

We maintain your complete recharge history in one place and remind you what is the time to recharge. Users can also check the live balance of talk time and track consumption. Reliance Jio users can track data balance at all times.

The recharge plan data for all operators is updated daily, based on what is published on the operator website.

Mobile Online Recharge:

Purchase selected recharge plans through our online recharge partner, Paytm. Apart from changing the list of recharge options, you can also get all the latest cashback offers for recharge and personalized offers in the app.

Jio લેટેસ્ટ રિચાર્જ પ્લાન

Vi લેટેસ્ટ રિચાર્જ પ્લાન

Airtel લેટેસ્ટ રિચાર્જ પ્લાન

BSNL લેટેસ્ટ રિચાર્જ પ્લાન

All these can be accessed from this app.

• Small in size

• online mobile recharge

• Mobile recharge, UPI, bill payment, money transfer

• Save your phone memory and data

My Bsnl, my jio recharge can be done easily with this recharge app.

Use this Easy Mobile Recharge Plan app and recharge plan for your mobile and DTP very easily and quickly
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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Sweet Snap Is That The Best Photo Editor And Wonder Camera App.

Sweet Snap Is That The Best Photo Editor And Wonder Camera App.

Sweet Snap Is That The Best Photo Editor And Wonder Camera App. 

One-tap features assist you easily add stunning photo filters, cute stickers, pretty makeup, and wonder effects.

With Sweet Snap, you'll easily create your own GIF emoji packages and take fun boomerang videos that play on a loop for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, 


Unsplash your creativity, and snap perfect selfie & video during this beauty plus camera.

Filters For Pictures - Make Photos Stand Out

Food? Landscapes? Selfie? top quality filters perfect for any occasion.

Glitter, Neon, Sweet, Nature…Hundred of filters for pictures to settle on from.

With a huge amount of editing options, easy to form your pics stand out.

Cute Stickers - Brighten Your A Day 

Lovely? Funny? Fashion? There are over 2800 unique face stickers much more than B612.

Just simply click the stickers to simply switch between various stickers.

Face recognition stickers which will easily suit selfies and make your photos funny.

Makeup Camera - Get Pretty Makeup

Multiple choices of the favored lipstick, blusher, contour, and eyebrows.

Here you'll find the youcam makeup styles that best suit selfie.

Various popular makeup selfie effects make your selfies mesmerizing.

Real-Time Beauty Effects - Snap Perfect Selfies

Acne? blemishes? pimples? Sweet Snap make skin problems disappear with just a faucet .

Retouch skin tone using our exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool.

Beauty plus camera adds a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfie pictures.

GIF & Boomerang - Funny Short Video Maker

Shoot an 8-second short video and switch it to a GIF emoji.

Add music to video, customize high-quality music videos.

an important function to colorize daily chat.

Trending stickers and magic filters make your short video unique and awesome.

Smart Cutout - Simply and Intelligent

Cutout image automatically with the AI Auto Selection tool and paste it on another image or background.

Manual eraser and cutout for finger rub background cut and removal.

Combine your cutout photos seamlessly to make unique and funny images.

Easily Share - Snap Memorable Moments

Snap perfect selfies & videos with Sweet Camera and save them in high resolution.

Share to all or any social apps Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc.

Sweet Snap may be a powerful beauty plus camera and boomerang video maker, best photo editor with all photo editing features, GIF maker app. It’s great for creating your own GIF emoji packages easily and taking fun boomerang videos that play on a loop. The draw tool also can help draw various drawing effects for your videos and photos.

With Sweet Snap, you'll easily record videos, add music to video, add text on video, edit videos with the draw tool. The fast motion feature is super fun. Sweet Snap is additionally a photo editor and wonder plus camera. you'll snap perfect selfies & videos with ease and export it in high resolution, and share your photos & videos to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, YouTube, Snapchat by one click, or edit video with music and pic for Tik Tok

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3D Logo Maker On your Mobile

3D Logo Maker On your Mobile

Logo Maker Plus is not only designed for logos but it "Logo Maker Free" also have the key feature of Business Card Maker and Visiting Card Maker app.

3D logo maker is 3d game maker studio,ilustrador 3d,intro 3d,3d letter maker,editor de slogan,title maker,logo makers,diseno grafico de logos,modifier logo application,3d logo maker,skapa logga,design incorporated,decision maker 3d,logo tv.

Logo Maker Free pro 3d game maker studio, ilustrador 3d Logo Creator & Logo Generator Icon Maker 2020.

Logo Maker pro is Logo Generator is a professional logo design studio that lets you create powerful branding for your business in a matter of Minutes.It provides everything you need to get started.It only takes a moments to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps
Our Logo Maker is a Fully Loaded Logo Designer App To Create Professional, Unique,Cool and Impressive Logos.logo maker for photography,logo designing software and logo maker for business with logo maker free 3d letter maker, editor de slogan,title maker.

Now You Don't Need To pay a freelancer,Designer or an Artist You Can Create Original Logos with logo design maker,Using A-Lot of Elements and Editing Options,There is no Limit on Creativity.We have Provided you Many Logos,icons With a Better Control there is a Good Collection of 2d Logos and 3D logos You can Say it is a 3D logo maker too.We also have provided many background options you can add logos to you photos also you can add gradients and logo for youtube, colors and etc.logo foundry and logo art.logo adder to pics and watermark on pics with logo builder and logo editor.

The best text editing options you can add or edit your text freely You can change color of your text and you can use any font style it has many font styles you can easily apply any font it contains 2D font styles and 3D font styles it is the best tool ever You can use it as stylish text on photo,3D stylish text on Photo because you can write text on Your photos,logo generator,logo in picture,you can use it as icon designer maker make or generate icons you no more need to use heavy designing software or hiring a professional to create a logo or icon for you or your brand it is the best Logo maker - Logo Creator,Logo Generator & Logo Designer,logo name maker with Following 


A Unique Typography, Artistic Logo Designer With A-Lot of Symbolic Options.

A-Lot Of Logos, Icon & Symbols

With multiple Choice of 2D & 3D Logo Designs

Huge Collection of Graphic Designing Elements

Multiple Backgrounds, Gradients,Textures and Color options

You can add Logo to your Own Photo

Professional Photo Editing & Text editing Tools

You can Use can Add 2D Fonts and 3D fonts To you Photos

Professional Layer management functions

Professional tools For Recoloring & EditingLogo Maker Makes Different Categories of Logos Like :

Logo maker For Business

Logo Maker For Photography

Logo Maker For Professionals

Logo maker For Youtube Channel Cover Or Icon

Logo Maker For Branding & Websites

Logo Maker For android Apps.

logo quiz

important Link

Contains many Logo templates.

Generate logo for social media cover photo

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

JD Search, Shop, Travel, Food, News And Much More

JD Search, Shop, Travel, Food, News And Much More

Search for Anything, Anytime, Anywhere using JD App by Justdial, India’s No. 1 Local Search Engine. You can chat with businesses, get phone numbers, addresses, learn of best deals, latest reviews and ratings for all businesses instantly.

The JD App works as a 1 stop solution for all of your daily needs - whether it's to urge information about your area in theaters or theaters, restaurants, hotels, doctors, electronics stores, taxi services, florists nearby , Simple as airlines, resorts, land or the closest ATM, JustDial has it all. Above all, the many ratings and reviews posted by JustDial by users will assist you make an informed decision.

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The nature of the body; Let's understand bile, Cough and phlegm in simple language

The nature of the body; Let's understand bile, Cough and phlegm in simple language

You may have heard the elders say, "That is nature, it will never change", so let me introduce you to this nature today.

Ayurveda is the only scripture that talks about the nature of man and explains its usefulness.

Ayurvedic physicians determine the medicine and its dosage according to the nature of the person. If the same disease occurs in two different people, the herbs and guidance may be different according to their nature.

The primary responsibility for all the actions of the body and mind during man’s life is shared between air, bile and phlegm.

Air is responsible for the movement of the body and all the matter inside it.

Bile is responsible for digestion and metabolism.

Cough is responsible for the formation of new cells and the immune system.

Do you know your nature

Everyone has air, bile and phlegm in their body but their proportions are different. If the amount of air is high then the nature of a person is said to be air nature. Understanding bile and phlegm in the same way. Nature is a very interesting and comprehensive subject to understand, but let's get a basic introduction to this subject just like the first visit today.

Vayu Prakriti: 

Those who are fond of talking or speaking, understand that they are mostly Vayu Prakriti. Those who are not satisfied with speaking only once and speak the same thing two or three times and speak differently, if they speak with haw bhav and halan chalan, then surely he should be understood as a person of airy nature. Both the body and the mind of this person are particularly dynamic. The shoulders and arms work just as well as the tongue when speaking. The power of their imagination is the most fun. The response of a person of airy nature can never be accurately predicted, as he is always behaving in an innovative way. Usually they live according to the mood so their identity also becomes that of a capital person. Flatulence, irregular bowel movements, and even times of hunger may change the nature of the air. Their skin stays rough because roughness is a virtue of air.

Bile nature: 

Bile is the representative of fire. The function of bile is to change. Bile is responsible for converting food into energy. Bile is representative of the entire digestive system. Just as milk and water can be separated by the contact of fire, so intellect like Kshir-nir Vivek means bile. Whose bile is proper, his intellect is proper. Clear decision making is a characteristic of bile nature. The cooling atmosphere is very conducive to bile nature but if the heat rises slightly the embarrassment increases, i.e. bile nature. Migraine headaches are especially common in people with biliary tract infections. A person living by discipline and principles is mostly bile in nature.

Cough Nature: 

Cough is formed from water and earth elements. Cuff nature is a person who is calm, stable, relatively slow and lively. Always smiling and avoiding hard work, has a special fondness for food, maintains relationships for life and is a loving person. If the skin is oily and white, see a reservoir in dreams. Has a serious gait like an elephant, has a very high immune system, has a very old memory.

Thus, even if the three components (faults) of air-bile-cough are present in every person, the excess of their proportions shows their characteristic. There must also be a conflict of nature. If everyone knows their nature and takes proper care of their diet, it will be much easier to avoid many diseases.

1. The effect of the wind is greatest in the morning

2. The effect of bile is in the afternoon

3. The effect of the cough is at night

Most of the morning there is air in the body which contains air and in the morning air is very necessary for the body. If there is no air in the body, there will be no toilet and those who do not have toilet in the morning, their life is in a lot of trouble. If there is no outburst of air in the morning, both feces and urine will not come out of the body and it will come out at its own speed and if it does not come out, the body will be poisoned. That is why nature has made a beautiful arrangement that PV is the best thing to balance the air fury in the body in the morning.

Read the photo below. It has also been scientifically confirmed.

Suppose a strong wind blows in the village today and it suddenly rains, then peace will come. The power to calm the storm is in the water so if the body is very irritated with air then you can drink the juice. The juice has the most water so it will calm the air so you have to drink the juice in the morning.

At noon there is the nature of bile because at that time the sun is very bright. The afternoon sun has a direct relationship with bile. The sun is directly related to fire and the more intense the sun, the more intense the stomach fire will be and the more intense the fire will be, the more intense the bile will be. Of the two, bile has the most calming power. One is ghee and the other is curd (chhas or lassi)..

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

 અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ

That is why in Ayurveda it is said that you can drink tak (lassi) after lunch. The body has a lot of phlegm at night so the strength to control the phlegm is in cow's milk, not in buffalo's milk, buffalo's milk increases the phlegm. Cow's milk soothes the cough. So at night you should always drink milk and juice in the morning and tak (chass or lassi) in the afternoon

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What to do if you can't sleep or barely sleep

What to do if you can't sleep or barely sleep

Stress and tension play a big part in our inability to get deep sleep. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, colds or headaches can also prevent us from getting enough sleep. Fatigue from long journeys, work done in night-shifts also play a part in the problem of insomnia. Psychiatrist Dr. According to Darshan Shah, stress plays the biggest role in all the causes and it is important to control and reduce stress to get good sleep. Prolonged lack of sleep can lead to insomnia or more serious problems such as difficulty breathing during sleep and insomnia, such as the need for compulsory sleep at any time and in any place. It is necessary to consult a doctor for such problems.

Important tips for insomnia patients:

Doing light exercises, yogasana to relax the nerves of the body while sleeping. Walk and take deep breaths.

Getting into the habit of going to bed at regular intervals every day starts the process of falling asleep during the same period without any effort.

Many veterans believe that chanting religious hymns, chanting of deities, etc. at bedtime leads to deep sleep.

Researchers say that getting rid of any problems and worries from the brain one hour before bedtime makes sleep easier. Such as watching less TV serials that bring wrong thoughts or not watching at night and switching off the mobile phone.

Scientists researching the method believe that bedtime romance and sex work like sleeping pills.

A warm water bath or light gentle music attracts sleep.

Ayurveda states that daily massage of oil on the head improves sleep. Rubbing cow's ghee on the soles of the feet relaxes the nerves and leads to deep sleep. As a result, problems like dandruff, dandruff, graying of hair, blurring of eyes etc. are stopped.

Massaging the whole body makes the problem of insomnia go away forever.

Sleeping puts stress on the eyelids and makes you fall asleep easily.

Sweetener: A chemical called serotonin which is found in carbohydrate foods, such as ghee-rich porridge, kamod rice pudding, milk, penda, barfi. Even a small amount of shiro, sukhadi or sweets can help you sleep better

People who fall asleep due to acidity should stop eating wheat at night and eat chopped fruits so that the acid is reduced as digestion is easier and as a result sleep can be achieved.

Ashwagandha Kshirpak: Take half a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder in a cup of milk containing a sleep-inducing element called Somni Ferum, add the same amount of water and boil it. After the water is burnt, add two pinches of lumps and a teaspoon of sugar and drink it.

Ashwagandha Kshirpak can be taken by taking 2-3 teaspoons of Ashwagandharisht next to it and adding water.

First powder: Make equal parts of Jatamansi, Tagar and Uplet-Kath and mix it with half a gram of water. It reduces the aggression of thoughts. Sleep is good.


Ignoring this natural sleep in young people who do not sleep despite falling asleep reduces memory. Frequent irritability. Problems such as gas, flatulence, acidity headaches, premature graying of hair occur due to reduced digestive capacity.

You can try this at home, as it is very easy to do.

1. Create the right atmosphere

Get rid of clutter you don't need in your bedroom and use your bed only for sleeping. Reduce noise by not having a television in the bedroom. Wear earplugs if there is a lot of noise from outside. Lowering the room temperature, as our body sleeps better in cold weather.

2. Darken

The light emitted from the electronic screens causes strain on the eyes and makes the brain feel tired so avoid staring at any screen before falling in bed. If you have a habit of sleeping with your phone or any other electronic gadget next to you, it would be best to keep your phone switched off. Keep your phone in another room and avoid surfing the internet before going to bed. Keep digital usage to a minimum.

3. Light up

Many have a habit of waking up at night and waking up early in the morning. Our body follows the natural cycle of sleep according to the light of day and the darkness of night. If this cycle is disturbed by overwork or attending late night programs, we do not get enough sleep. The bedroom should be darkened to restore the natural sleep cycle. To do this, do not keep chargers or other devices near your bed that are too big and flashing light. Wearing an eye mask can be very helpful. If you are tired of long journeys, take a supplement called melanin. It resets your body's internal systems.

4. Knowledge of excellent sleeping conditions

Use a good hard bed and a pillow that fits your neck. I like to put one more pillow between my knees which gives more comfort. Sometimes even a thick blanket can help you get a good night's sleep. The main purpose of this is to give natural comfort to the neck and back. The more support these parts need, the more comfort they will get.

5. Exercise

Exercise of any kind helps to relax the body. Complete all exercises just three hours before bedtime. If you don't, your mind will become more agitated. Yoga is a very effective way to relax your muscles.

6. Diet

Plan your meal about two to three hours before bedtime. A glass of warm milk mixed with almonds and honey will work like magic to bring you good sleep. Eating too much or being hungry does not make you sleep better. Drinking too much fluids before going to bed will also make you go to the bathroom more often, so reduce the amount of fluids in the evening. Also avoid taking stimulants such as caffeine, smoking, drugs and alcohol, as it can make you feel nauseous for a while and can be addictive and deadly in the long run.

7. Meditation and contemplation

Regularly meditating or chanting calms the mind. Doing this by sitting comfortably in a quiet place makes you fall asleep easily. Try the way to calm the mind that is given at the end of this article.

8. Relieve stress with aromatherapy and massage

Pure oils like lavender and chamomile mixed with coconut or almond oil bring good sleep. Ayurveda advises to gently massage this oil on the head and soles of the feet 10 minutes before going to bed to relax the mind.

9. Schedule some routine work before bedtime

Train your body and mind to work regularly. Some healthy or enjoyable activity can be done every night before going to bed. I would recommend taking a bath before going to bed and reading a book. Make it a habit and you will fall asleep easily. You can also add oil massage activity to your daily routine which we talked about in this previous issue.

10. A sense of forgiveness

A light hearted and gentle mind is an excellent technique for bringing sleep easily. If you have offended someone or felt guilty, try to forgive or forget. If you have faith in religion, pray or express the belief in your mind that nature will take care of you when you are asleep. Both of these things are very impressive. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Have compassion in your heart for yourself and for others.

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