Daily Test For STD 6-7-8 Students

Daily Test For STD 6-7-8 Students

Daily Online test conducted by BRC Mahuva for Students of STD 6-7-8 based on learning outcomes. Daily Test For STD 6-7-8 Students.

Daily Test For STD 6-7-8 Students

As the digital world progresses, teachers need to equip themselves with the necessary professional skills to use ICT for teaching and learning. Integrating ICT into the teaching-learning process means not only using the Internet and digital tools, but also as a means of achieving the objectives and learning outcomes of the subject to be taught and learned.

 Teachers should understand how the integration of technology pedagogy and subject matter leads to easy acquisition of knowledge. The following figure illustrates how rapidly changing technological possibilities can be effectively integrated with a range of pedagogical approaches and subject areas.

In some cases, it is not even necessary to use content-based ICT. For example, when teaching about food, it would be more effective to show them actual food items instead of showing a photo of the food served in a tiffin box or at a school lunch (mid-day meal). Similarly, when teaching plant parts, it would be better to show the children the real plants and let them feel the structure of leaves, twigs, stems, roots, buds by touching the plants. 

In addition they have the skills to plant seeds in a vessel / bottle / glass, watering the plants, providing sunlight, observing and observing the whole process of germination and providing the experience of the journey from seed to seed.

This kind of practical learning will be memorable for every child in the class, which cannot be given with the use of any PPT, video and multimedia. Yes, dissection of animals and plants is a common sight in any biology class. But nowadays frog dissection is unethical and illegal so showing children multimedia based virtual dissection is a better option for teachers.

 In some cases, it is also important to choose the right medium or technology based on the format of the content. So the questions that should be considered when choosing media technology should include the following.

ICT device / media is effective only when it is used properly with the methods and content of study teaching. For example, if a teacher wants to teach the concept of metal and non-metal, one method can be chosen according to its context. 

One solution is to use the concept maintenance model. In which we can reach the definition of metal and non-metal by following the following steps by giving the group activities of comparison and contrast between the given objects.

Daily Test For STD 6-7-8 Students

DAY 299, 23/04/2022 

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