Download Spotify: Listen to new music

Download Spotify: Listen to new music :

Do you know what Spotify is, don’t know its features and plan, so today we are going to inform you about it. Let it be known that this app has been currently launched in India and its ads are being run in the internet to promote it. At the same time, several Bollywood celebrities are promoting it.

Music is something that person  from all walks of life love to hear. Earlier you had to buy cassettes to listen to music but now everything is online so you can listen to music online through several apps.

  • This cannot occur when it comes to music streaming and the name Spotify is not mentioned. As far as India is related, music apps such as, Xiao Sawan and Hungama already exist here. In this way, Spotify will have a direct clash with the Indian music app in the India.

  • The song app is already quite famous in India, so it will be interesting to view if Spotify can beat the song or not, first we know about this app.

  • What is Spotify

  • Explain that Spotify is an online music streaming service that is quite famous in America. In the app of this service you will discover music albums and songs from all over the world. If you run a song app for online music, it will be even simpler for you to understand because this app works just like the song app.

  • The song involves mostly Indian music while Spotify features albums by musicians from around the world. Presently this app has been released in India which literally means that now you will also get to listen to Indian songs in it. After being released in India, in this app you can listen to songs in several languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc.

  • There are 2 ways to listen to songs in this app, the first is paid while the second is free. However, most people would love to listen to the song for free. If you utilize  it by paying a few rupees as a subscription, you will obtain better sound quality and ad free music. While in the free service you will search low sound quality and many kinds of ads in the app.

How to Download Spotify

If you are devoted of international or English music. So you should try to download Spotify once because you can listen to the songs of your beloved singer in it. So how to download it is provided below

First go to Google Play Store and do a spotify find.
You can even download this app from here if you want. This is the only link of the Play store.
Then install it in your cell phone.
After installing, when you open it, you will be asked to make an account on it.

How to make  an account on Spotify

You don’t have to make an account to listen to free music in an app like Gana, but if you are utilizing Spotify, you have to make an account on it first as soon as you open it.

What is Spotify

When you open this app for the first time, you will search three options related to the account.
SIGN UP FREE for free an account.
making an account through Facebook.
Login, if you already have an account on it, you can log in with this choice.
When you create an account through email or Facebook, you will be logged in. After that, you can hear to songs online from this app.

Spotify features

As it is a world popular app, its features create it different from other music apps. In it you get 2 kinds of preSHOOmium and free service as per which its features are different.



1. Sound quality


In Spotify you get 2 types of sound quality. If you have subscribed by paying a few rupees, then this app will give you 320 Kbps quality songs. For the free user, the quality of the song will be from a 96 Kbps to 160 Kbps.


2. Advertising


Since it is giving two types of service. As per which paid users will not see ads in this app while free consumers will have to see ads


3. Song download


If you are a subscribed user then you get a opportunity to download songs that you can hear to without internet connection. You can even see this feature in the song app. Free consumers cannot download songs from the music app


4. Song search option


Sometimes we love to listen to the songs of old albums but in its homepage we only see new songs. In this case, advanced search option has been provided to find old songs. So you can find by name of artist, album and song.


5. Private listening


If you don’t wish this app to track the songs you listen to, you can go to Spotify’s Private Session a settings and turn it on. After that no body will be able to track you.

Spotify’s plan

If you wish to listen to good quality songs for free, you will have to give a few rupees under its subscription. However, Spotify is providing its new user a 30-day trial pack. This will offer you information about Spotify’s paid service. If you wish to continue this paid service after 30 days, you will have to pay a few rupees.

You will have to pay Rs. 13 per day to utilize the premium version.
You have to pay Rs. 39 for one week utilize.
It will price Rs 129 a month.
You have to pay Rs 389 for 3 months.
You will have to pay Rs. 719 to utilize for 6 months.
You have to pay Rs. 1189 for 1 year membership


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