GSRTC Bus Pass Application Form

GSRTC Bus Pass Application Form Online 

GSRTC BUS Pass Online Application Form: Gujarat Government is providing pass facility to not only the students but also for general people. The pass for the students is called student pass and for other public it is called passenger pass.

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Application for obtaining concessional student pass for traveling in ST bus.

Authorized students of government recognized schools / colleges will be given bus fares in rural and urban area buses at a discounted rate of 82.5%.

 Cannot "transfer" monthly / quarterly change of concession rate and if done, the pass will be forfeited.

 Under no circumstances will a pass be temporarily refunded.

 If a new pass is to be issued after the expiry of the expiration date of the pass, it has to be withdrawn within the three day grace period. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the deposit. Deposits will be refunded within the grace period only if the pass is not used within three days of the grace period. This time will be given after the holiday.

 Lost or damaged pass will not be refunded. If traveling with a damaged pass, the ticketless passenger will be considered liable to pay the fare as per the rules.

If there is no place to sit in the bus then students have to travel standing up.

Students will be required to submit two passport size photographs along with this form. One of which has to be stamped with the signature of the principal of the institution and the other has to be attached with the photo. The student will have to pay a separate charge of Rs.

If a given identity card is to be obtained due to loss due to rupture of the identity card, Rs.5.0 will be deducted after the required procedure.

For postgraduate students only: A postgraduate student who is receiving salary / stipend etc. through job business scholarship will not be eligible to get monthly quarterly pass.

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This is costliest pass. The buses of long distance are given a name of Gurjar Nagari. Even fewer crowds even better facilities than both others.

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