Varshik Parixa Model Paper

Varshik Parixa Model Paper

Education teaches human beings to live well. It is through education that human beings learn how to deal with different situations. Man has to go through many trials in life, and he successfully passes these various trials. The one who faces courageously achieves certain success in every examination of his life. So ... why fear from examinations? Examination of standard 10 and 12 students will start soon.

The period of March and April is the time of examination season in schools, colleges, universities and colleges. But today we will talk about standard 10 and 12 examinations.

Varshik Parixa Model Paper

Which we call the board. Recently, your Prime Minister Hon'ble Shri Narendrabhai Modi held a seminar with the students regarding the examination in which children from various schools, colleges, colleges and universities of the country asked many beautiful questions regarding the examination to which the Prime Minister gave correct answers.

But the most important thing he said at the beginning of the program is that you should not consider him as the Prime Minister of the country standing before you today. But you are talking to your friend and our children. This only made the program lighter. Just as parents we have to do with our children.

Class 3 to 8 Sem 2 Exam Time Table 2022 in all Gov. Granted, Private school of Gujarat.

 Thomas Alva Addis invented the incandescent light bulb after failing a new test if it was properly and methodically prepared for the exam.

What if he had given up the task after two or three attempts? But he continued to take interest in this task without giving up and in the end he got success. This is the courage that every examinee needs to have. And in the mother tongue there is also a nice sentence that “Failure is the key to success. "Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of failure. We need to learn from failure by facing it boldly.

Because even spiders have to go to the memory to make their own nets, many times they stumble and fall, so they have the courage to achieve success. Just work hard.

વાર્ષિક પરીક્ષા મોડેલ પેપર 80 ગુણ

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