Video series of the law by Yuva Career Academy -Bhavnagar

Video series of the law

 For you as well as for your bright future, Shri Yuva Career Academy Bhavnagar has started a video series on the subject of very useful law for the examination of Police Constable and PSI.

 ■ The series starts every night at 09.30.

 ■ Includes a complete revision of the law through tables and charts as well as information on IMP topics and clauses.

 ■ Do you want to crack the law

 ■ Do you have trouble drafting a law?

  ■ Do you want to revise the whole law?

  ■ Would you like to memorize the law with a short trick?

  ■ Do you want to get full marks of law in the upcoming police constable or P.S.I examination?

 ■ The only answer to each of your questions is the video series crackling law.

 To watch this video series, subscribe to Shree Yuva Career Academy Bhavnagar's YouTube channel now and watch the totally free crack law.


Constable Model Paper By Shri Yuva Career Academy Bhavnagar

Model Paper 4  //  Answer key 4

ગુજરાત પોલિસ કોંસ્ટેબ્લ મોડલ પેપર 11 :- Download Click Here

તલાટી મંત્રી/જુનિયર કલાર્ક/ફોરેસ્ટ ભરતી/હાઇકોર્ટ ભરતી 2018 માટે ઉપયોગી ગુજરાતનો ઇતિહાસના 50 પ્રશ્નોની વનલાઈનર PDF ફાઈલ*
• ગુજરાત ઇતિહાસના દર *પરીક્ષામાં 3 થી 5 માર્કના* પ્રશ્નો હોય છે.

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