5 Google Maps Tricks you must know to ease your driving experience

  5 Google Maps Tricks you must know to ease your driving experience

 Google Maps are our go-to place and no matter where we go, this app supports in finding the right direction anytime and anywhere we travel. But this navigating app is not only good at providing directions but enables the user to obtain the best route which could be time, money and life saver too. 

But do you know that this app has several other features besides just giving the destination route?

Really, this app could do a lot more than what you must have thought of.

Here are 6 tips to let you use the Google:  

Google Live View Tool: guides you to your destination when walking

When following the dot on your app turns tricky, this tool enables you to watch exactly where to head on. This feature operates with your mobile camera to scan the building and a huge arrow on the display to support you navigate where you exactly have to be. 

Here are steps to use it.

1.Open the Google Maps app

2.Enter your station 

3.Click on Directions

4.Choose the Walking icon placed on the top of the map screen

5.Now, on the bottom of the screen, click the Live View button which is next to the Start button

6.Point your camera at the buildings or on the signs locations on the street 

7.Provide access to use your camera of the device from which you are using the app

8.Once you do all the above, you will begin  walking toward the destination, a larger arrow will show you the way and the street name will appear, to guide you

Offline Maps- Download routes 

This really is the best feature which never fails. Its the life saver when you are traveling to low internet connectivity place, and require  directions. 

This really is very helpful for women driving on the longer route and has poor cell phone coverage. Here is how you can go forward with it:

1.Open the Google Maps app

2.Enter your station 

3.At the bottom, you have to click the name of the 

place or the address given 

4.A Scroll to the right


5.Now click on Download

6.After that, click on Download option

7.Now you can access the map offline, without any problem 

Incognito Mode

Several of you must not be aware of this one, but this is something which you must know Incognito mode let you hide your place from other Maps users, along with other locations you have discovered for

How to use it?:

1.Open a Google Maps app

2.Click on your profile (top right corner) 

3.Choose Turn on Incognito Mode

4.When you're ready to turn off the settings, follow the similar steps and select Turn off Incognito Mode.

ETA: Include multiple travel stops 

If Google states the total travel time but you end up being late, this may be due to  you must have not contained you stops where you would have stopped on the way. Google Maps enables you to add stops so that you could obtain more certain destination time.

1.Open the Google Maps app

2.Enter your first station 

3.Now, click on Directions

4.Click the three-dot menu placed on top-right corner

5.Tap on ‘Add stop’. Now, you may add a number of stop which you would like to halt on the way

6.After choosing , press on Done


7.Now, you'll obtain a more certain ETA (estimate time of arrival) for your destination

Finding a car parking space 

This really is a great feature which many users do not even know. Working professional traveling everywhere indeed requires some guidance when they witness a car parking full and they obtain bugged with the concern of ‘where to park?’ 

Google Maps has just the right feature to search the direction:

1.Open the Google Maps app

2.Enter the location you'll require to park at 

3.Click on Directions

4.Zoom in to the place to see all the P icons which denotes Parking which has been located near your station.


5.Click on P 

6.Click on Add stop

7.This will add the parking place as the first stop

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