6 Post-Operative Exercises For Appendix

  6 Post-Operative Exercises For Appendix

The best exercises for people recovering after surgery for appendicitis

Post-surgery bed exercises

If you currently had an appendectomy, you will most likely be in bed for an extended period. Before attempting any exercises during in bed, consult your doctor.If your doctor approves, begin with easy leg pumps and lifts to increase blood flow and circulation in the lower parts of your body. Furthermore, performing bed exercises can support reduce the likelihood of blood clots forming in your lower limbs. Perform these exercises all hour while lying in bed.

Go for short walks

It is normally safe to resume basic activities after 10 to 14 days of relative inactivity as you return to your normal life. Experts recommend beginning a post-appendicitis exercise regimen with short walks. Be mindful of your walking form and posture while these walks and try to keep extra weight off your abdominal muscles. Stop walking also  you feel tired and avoid exercising for extended periods of time.

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Gentle abdominal exercises

After a few weeks of rest, start gentle strengthening exercises to rebuild your abdominal muscles. Start by sitting on the edge of a bed with your feet hanging off the edge. Lift your legs up until they are similar to the floor, keeping your back straight and core tight. Hold for a few seconds before slowly bringing your legs back to their real position. redo until you’re exhausted.

The pelvic tilt

Lie on your back and bend your a knees. Rock your pelvis up and down, flattening your back into the bed or the floor. Your ab muscles should a tighten slightly. Return to the beginning position and repeat. In the first few weeks after surgery, motive for five repetitions, 2-3 times per day. Permit your back to arch up a little more as you progress and tighten your abs even more as you shove your back into the floor. Work your way up to twenty  repetitions. For variations, you can lie on your back and bend your a knees. Rock your pelvis up and down, flattening your back into the bed or the floor. Hold this situation for 15-30 seconds while taking deep breaths.

Heel slides

Lie flat on the floor or bed with your legs flat. Begin slowly sliding one heel toward your buttocks, keeping your heel on the floor or bed. Your knee will start to bend.

Continue to slide your heel and bend your knee until you feel discomfort and a small amount of pressure inside your knee. Hold this position for approximately 5 seconds. Return your heel to the floor or bed until your leg is straight. Aim for five repetitions on each side before switching. The most suitable time to start with the pelvic tilt is two to four weeks after the surgery. 

Knee roll

 Lie on your back and knees bent, arms out to the sides. Keep your knees and ankles together and gradually allow your knees to drop to one side. Tighten your ab muscles and roll your knees to the opposite side. Keep your shoulders down and your head relaxed while doing this exercise. In the first few weeks after surgery, aim for five repetitions, 2-3 times per day. You can gradually increase the range so that your knees drop lower and work up to 20 repetitions.

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