August 13 Is Int’l Left-Handers Day: Some Crazy Facts, Most popular Left-Handed Personalities

August 13 Is Int’l Left-Handers Day: Some Crazy Facts, Most popular Left-Handed Personalities

As a lefty who has been forced to utilize right-handed desks, it can only be imagined the extra effort and strength we lefties have to put in as we jot down notes while trying to maintain the balance to stay seated and nicely on the desk.

If you are a left-hander then read on, and if you are not then there is even more cause to read on

New Delhi: 

I was in grade 5 and for the first time appeared for the handwriting contest held for the entire class. No shame to acknowledge that not only did I perform miserably but was even chided for having horrible handwriting. Oh yeah, every move for the next letter had smudged the ink making the handwriting contest more such as a contest for abstract art. All this happened due I wrote the test with my left hand, being born a left-hander. Even years after this specific incident, I live with the pain and struggle of trying to survive in the right-hander’s world.

We arrange to adjust to the right-handed desk but there is another ordeal waiting for us. As soon as we start utilizing the ink pens we realize that our left hand has an uncanny knack for attracting the colorful liquid, smudge as it is known. It further spoils the notebooks providing a beating to our grades. Maybe it was a dissatisfied lefty who invented the gel pen? 

Somehow, I spent a good number of sessions at the combat ranch and scored really well as I practiced many firearms, small to the big ones, and all of them are still designed for the right-handers as far as I am aware. And fewer persons who are left-handed make it to the armed forces or other forces for the same reason.

Then back at house, it is the pair of scissors and peelers that are not friendly to left-handed people. Again, they are designed for the advantage of the righties.

I simply like music and always wanted to, still want to be an ace guitarist such as my heroes Steve Stevens, Jimmy Page, and David Gilmour. I did not and do not have the patience to do a Jimi Hendrix or Sir Paul McCartney type of modification to the six strings. But I had to settle for being the lead vocalist. You know why? due most musical instruments, guitar too, are designed for right-handers.

About Left Handedness – facts

  • Hardly 10 %  or less than 10 %  of the world’s population is left-handed
  • many extensive studies by neuro scientists believe that left-handed people have a wider scope of thinking and points to the disproportionately high number of Nobel Prize winners, writers, and painters who are left-handed
  • More likely to have an allergies
  • More risk to migraines
  • More likely to suffer a sleep deprivation
  • Left-Handed people utilize the right side of the brain the most
  • More likely to be an alcoholics
  • Left-Handed persons are smarter
  • Left-Handed people are more likely to have a higher IQs
  • Tend to approach puberty 4 to 5 months later than right-handers
  • More likely to suffer language troubles 
  • More likely to be a male
  • Better at a multitasking
  • Live on average nine years less than righties
  • Beneficial hand at sports
  • More intelligent than a right-handers
  • More an artistic

World’s popular left-handed personalities; a few

Amitabh Bachchan

Sachin Tendulkar

Barack Obama

Bill Gates

Julia Roberts

Mark Zuckerberg

Lady Gaga

Oprah Winfrey

Paul McCartney

Neil Armstrong

Marie Curie

Henry Ford




Leonardo da Vinci

Charlie Chaplin

Jim Carrey

Tom Cruise

Robert De Niro

Matt Dillon

Morgan Freeman

Judy Garland

Whoopi Goldberg

Angelina Jolie

Nicole Kidman

Val Kilmer

Marilyn Monroe

Sarah Jessica Parker

Brad Pitt

Keanu Reeves

Sylvester Stallone

David Bowie

Celine Dion


Kurt Cobain

Noel Gallagher

Bob Geldof

Jimi Hendrix

Ricky Martin


Albert Einstein

Napoleon Bonaparte

Julius Caesar


Neil Armstrong

Keanu Reeves

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Jimi Hendrix

August 13 has been appointed International Left-Handers Day by Lefthanders International with the first one being observed on August 13, 1976. Left-handers Day Was Announced by The Left-Hander’s Day Club On August 13, 1997.


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