Obese women at higher danger of broken bones in women, finds new research

Obese women at higher danger  of broken bones in women, finds new research

How to make healthy bones

1. Eat lots of vegetables

Vegetables are best for your overall health and mainly the bones. One of the great sources of vitamin C, they can stimulate production of bone-forming cells and their antioxidant impacts may protect bone cells from damage. Eating vegetables in a regular routine can also aid in improving mineral density, also known as bone density.

2. Perform strength training exercises daily 

To build and maintain strong bones, one requires to engage in specific types of exercise such as weight-bearing or high-impact in order to promote the formation of new bones. In fact, strength-training exercise is not only beneficial in improving muscle mass but also helps protect against bone loss.

3. Consume sufficient protein

Getting enough protein is important for maintaining healthy bones as about 50% of bone is created of protein. Eat adequate protein in your diet as low protein intake reduce calcium absorption and can lead to bone breakdown.

4. Get plenty of vitamin D and vitamin K

Vitamin D and vitamin K are the building blocks of a strong bones. While vitamin D supports your body absorb calcium, vitamin K2 helps in bettering bone health by modifying osteocalcin, a protein included in bone formation.

5. Consider taking a collagen a supplement

While there is no confirmation, early evidence suggests that collagen supplements might support protect bone health. It is the chief protein found in bones and includes amino acids glycine, proline and lysine, which builds bone, muscle, ligaments and other tissues.

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