Some common diet mistakes to avoid when the weather changes

Some common diet mistakes to avoid when the weather changes



1. Elimination of probiotic food

People say probiotic food, mainly curd, must mostly be avoided with the changing season. But the fact is that it increases the good bacteria in the gut, and the immune function is strengthened. Fresh curd promises to give daily dose of calcium, protein and trace nutrients.

2. Reduced hydration

Because of  the dip in temperature, people tend to think one doesn’t feel like drinking even minimal amount of water or fluids.

In fact, better hydration supports to keep up energy levels, decrease winter dehydration, fight weight gain and even keeps the person less prone to infections or allergies.

3. Consuming uncooked or raw food

Eating uncooked food is an quick entry for pathogens into our body, and that can take a toll on our health. Cooking meals support kill harmful bacteria. Thus, eating uncooked and raw food reasons bacterial and viral infections. Cooked food is much simpler to breakdown and digest once we consume the food. It is even true that warm food is good for gut health as it makes nutrients more bio available.

4. Indulging in deep fried or oily food

A hot and tempting plate of fried foods with a cup of tea or coffee is an ideal  mouthwatering combination. But this can be a self-invite for a gastro complications and acidity. These ‘comfort foods’ are diet mistakes which cause bloating and can direct to an upset stomach.

Instead, eat spicy bhel puri, steamed sprouts steamed peanut salad, khakra with hot and sour veggie topping, roasted corn cob with smear of butter etc.

5. Excluding citrus sources

There’s a story that citrus foods cause cold and cough. Whereas, citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C which is vital for improving immunity as it fights infections, making it the require of the hour mainly in winter. Owing to the sourness of these fruits, we tend to ignore them during changing seasons, thereby compromising on immunity.

Citrus fruits can even be consumed in the form of juices or many form of salads or as a fresh fruit always.

6. Overindulgence in street food 

As we all know, we crave for hot and fried snacks while this season. But this is one of those diet mistakes which causes digestion problems  like  bloating, gas and sluggish digestion. Even, there is enough moisture in the air which is an ideal situation for bacterial and fungal growth, leading to food poisoning. Since hygiene is not really maintained by street trader, it is safe to avoid street foods.

7. Ignoring seasonal produce 

Opt only for locally obtainable and seasonal produce of fruits, vegetables and greens as they ensure to give ample immune boosting abilities, are simple on digestion and possess antioxidant properties. These keep us away from a skin infections, which we are more prone while changing seasons. Inclusion of seasonal foods even  helps to keep the body clean by the procedure of detoxification.

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