Surprising Facts About the Indus Valley Civilization

Surprising Facts About the Indus Valley Civilization  

1. A Nice Developed Infrastructure 

The historians and archeologists were most astonished by the well-improved infrastructure of the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). It had well-planned colonies and homes with perfect drainage and sewage systems.

Indus Valley Civilization was the biggest civilization region -wise among the four ancient civilizations and the most developed even. It seems that the cities were made with appropriate planning and effort with amazing sewage and drainage system on par with modern times. IVC humans were quite concerned about hygiene and possibly, they had the world’s earliest appropriate sanitation system. They had their own version of flush toilets and all the waste from the city is dumped outside the cities with appropriate drainage and sewage systems.

2. Expert in Metallurgy and Handicrafts

The person in IVC were experts in handicrafts and were quite talents in metallurgy and made copper, bronze, lead, and tin.

Lots of artifacts and ornaments were found during excavations of sites concerned to IVC which shows that people then were quite proficient in metallurgy and handicrafts. One of the most popular  artifacts found from TVC is a bronze statuette of a girl known as Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro. Shown as “the most captivating piece of art from an Indus site”, the statuette is decked with different ornaments and her left arm is full of bangles a custom still followed in the India. They developed handicraft techniques like  seal carving and it was the 1st civilization that used buttons in clothes. The popular Pashupati seal depicts a seated figure encircled by animals. Few experts believe it’s deity Shiva or the “lord of the animals”, but this remains a matter of debate.

3. No Ruling Class

Unlike the other 3 civilizations of that era, there is no sign of a ruling class or a leader or a king in the IVC.

One thing that intrigued scholars and historians about the IVC is that there are no signs of an any ruling class. While Egypt had Pharaos and China and Mesopotamia had a ruling class, it seems there was no ruling class in IVC which is quite odd. It is still a mystery how a civilization was governed. Few suggest that there may be a group of person elected democratically who made vital decisions and other related things but it’s not sure. Even, there are no weapons and no signs of battle were discovered which implies that it was quite a peaceful civilization.

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