Things to not miss out on while touring Finland

Things to not miss out on while touring Finland 


Are you planning on visiting the Finland soon?

If yes, then there are several things to see there that you absolutely should not miss out on.

Here, we will say you about these tourist attractions

Read on to know more…

While Europe has many places to see, Finland should be on all travel junkie’s bucket list for several reasons! From stunning natural landscapes to a quiet and peaceful lifestyle, Finland has forever attracted tourists yearly. While here, you can also see the much talked about Northern Lights which is nothing short of a spectacle and visit Helsinki to soak in the culture. Apart from these, there are even several other touristy things you should not miss out on when in Finland. So read on to discover out more about these…

See the Northern Lights

If there is 1 thing no one should miss out on while touring Finland, that has to be watching the Northern Lights. Witness the aurora borealis in a Finnish Lapland. Confirm to take your cameras along but give yourself a minute to watch it with your naked eyes and gasp at the beauty of it.

Visit Helsinki

If you have researched Finland, you will know that Helsinki is one of the most visited places purely due to  the art and architecture there. Situated on the Baltic Sea is art and culture at each corner of Helsinki. From the train station to the Design District, take out an whole day to spend walking around and admiring this place.

See the Turku Castle

The southwestern Finnish town of Turku is the nation’s oldest town and is a must-visit. The historic fortress has humongous dungeons and ornate banquet halls. You can book a guided tour to learn much about this historic castle. The rest of Turku is even full of history and culture that will fascinate you.

Hike in the national parks

Trust it or not, Finland has around 40 national parks! They are very well maintained and of course, have gorgeous tourist sights. You can plan to hike through these or also go for long walks with your partner. For hikers, there are many campsites too to support them plan week-long hiking trips! The Lemmenjoki National Park is famous amongst visitors.

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