Vegetarians, Here Is Your Guide To Enhance Your Protein Quotient

Vegetarians, Here Is Your Guide To Enhance Your Protein Quotient

Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk is a  simple way of including adequate protein in your daily diet. Cow’s milk is a powerful source of protein, calcium, vitamin D and has nine other necessary amino acids. It aids improve lean mass, speeds up the healing process, and helps ignore hunger pangs in the body. Adding at least a cup (Gives 8 grams of protein) of cow milk to your daily diet will be a strong catalyst for quality nourishment.


An Indian vegetarian’s favourite, this one gets a  simple pass entry to the daily diet because of  the presence of 15 grams of protein in half a bowl. It can be contained as a meal or a snack as per the choice, but daily intake of paneer is an ideal way in boosting protein consumption. Another perfect way of eating paneer to its full protein potential is by adding green peas to the curry and eating it as matar paneer. A bowl of green peas includes the same amount of proteins as a cup of milk.


Another simply found item in Indian meals, dahi is even an excellent source of protein. Hung curd gives proteins that are recognized for inducing fullness and helping in the regulation of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which aids to keep cravings at bay. Yogurt is high in protein, calcium, vitamins, live culture, or probiotics, which can aid improve gut health. Those who are aiming to decrease weight, a regular intake of yogurt can be good. It has around 10-11 grams of protein present in them, whereas Greek yogurt can give up to 17 grams of protein from a 170-gram packet.


Cheese lovers are really in for joy due to just like other dairy products mentioned above namely milk, yogurt, and paneer, cheese is an amazing source of protein. A slice of cheese even  has around the same amount of proteins that a glass of daily milk has (6.7 grams). When cravings strike, select a cheese snack next time, which will be filling, high in protein and calcium, and tasty as you please.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is another way to improve one’s protein intake. Whey is a kind of natural protein derived from cow’s milk, the water-soluble present post the cheese preparation. Whey protein is a famous vegetarian alternative to a high-quality protein source. Contrary to the misconception, whey is suitable for everybody, not only for gym enthusiasts, athletes, or bodybuilders. Whether you are young or old, into fitness or not, it can be ate by anybody looking to improve muscle growth and strength while decreasing fat in a powder, liquid format as per preferences.

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