Coconut oil can accelerate your weight loss plan


It increases metabolism

The fats in coconut oil enormously differ from fats in other food items. The difference is that most foods include long-chain fatty acids whereas coconut oil has medium chains fatty acids. These medium chain fats are sent straight to the liver where either they are turned into ketone bodies or utilized for energy right away. As per  an animal study, these medium chain fats are stored less efficiently than other fats. In another animal study, a group of rats were nourish with medium chain fats and another group was fed with long-chain fats. The results were that the rats that were fed with medium chain fats gained 20 %  less weight and 23 % less body fat than the rats fed on long-chain fats.

It aids you burn calories while at rest

Another vital property of coconut oil is its thermionic nature. Eating it improves energy expenditure as compared to the same number of calories coming from any other source. As per  a recent study taking 15-30 grams of coconut oil (medium chain fats) per day improved the burning of fat by 5 %  which is 120 calories per day. Calories coming from coconut oil are different than calories coming from the butter or olive oil though these are healthy too.

Coconut oil can decrease weight

We all know the 1st thing that we require to do to lose weight is creating a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit means burning more calories than what you consume. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil provide you a feeling of fullness more than the same number of calories coming from other fats. A study where participants had rich amount of medium chain fatty acid food consumed 256 fewer calories per day. Having medium chain fatty acid foods in a meal directs to less calorie intake in the subsequent meal.


At the end of the day, calories are calories no matter from where they a come. Coconut oil has 9 calories per gram, so adding coconut oil to your diet above what you are eating will only improve the number of calories. So what you can do is you can replace your cooking oil with coconut oil which will not only not balance the number of calories but will even give you with healthy medium chain fats.

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