Man damages liver from overeating breakfast cereal; know the dangerous and hidden risk


01  d​o you eat breakfast cereal all day?

Who doesn’t like breakfast cereals? Obtainable in a wide variety of flavors and shapes, this fast breakfast is considered a beloved option by many, mainly kids. However, a current case of a 51 year old man has emerged as an eye-opener to watch out for how much grain you consume everyday.

Chris Kirk from Upper Beeding, England is a busy dad who ate a lot of quick-and-simple breakfast cereals even for lunch, when he could not squeeze in a perfect meal. However, Express UK reported that he ended up paying a heavy price for his love of grain.

02 grain  was taking a toll on his body

Eating around 2 bowls of cornflakes each day, Chris was unconsciously overdosing on iron, which begun to affect his health.

He explained, “I began getting really itchy hands and feet, couldn’t sleep, had low energy levels and because I’d currently given up smoking, I’d achieved some weight. So, my doctor ran a routine blood test. The outcomes came back showing a problem with my liver.” In the next 6 months, his liver damage had worsened.

03 ​Mistaking it as a sign of being overweight

Chris shared that there’d been an assumption that since he was overweight and within the obese category, the liver damage was caused by his additional weight.

“It’s frustrating, but due to I was fat everyone thought I had liver cirrhosis caused by obesity, so they didn’t take me seriously or investigate my problem perfectly ,” Chris added.

It was later after undertaking highly targeted checks that he knew that his ferritin levels were higher. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in a your cells. A ferritin blood test can tell whether you are getting too high or too small iron.

 04 Treatment that eventually worked

Since several cereals include 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of iron, eating too several cornflakes led to Chris’ liver storing excessive iron, which was poisoning his liver cells.

The doctors said him to remove iron from his diet. After cutting out the cornflakes and other iron-rich foods, such as spinach, he no longer suffers from his uncomfortable symptoms. His ferritin levels are even back within the normal category.

Chris said that this is the 1st time in more than 5 years that he’s felt healthy and has even started losing weight.

05 So do breakfast cereals direct to iron poisoning?

Commenting on Chris' condition , Doctor Sihame Benmira at Medichecks, said, “Chris’ case is unfortunate, however, most people who eat fortified cereals are unlikely to experience any overload of vitamins or minerals.”

"Iron poisoning depends on how much iron a individual is ingesting, but also on other factors like  any health issues they may have and if they are on any medication at the similar time,” Dr Benmira added.

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