Munch On These Healthier Alternatives With Your Friends This Holi

Munch On These Healthier Alternatives With Your Buddies This Holi

1. Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love choco chip cookies? Counting on calories can stop us from having it but now you can fun them guilt-free. These choco chip cookies are made with multi grains such as millets, oats and entire wheat, heated with gray chocolate chips. It includes no cholesterol, no trans-fat, and is high in dietary fiber. 

2. Hello Tempayy Tempayy Cubes

Packed with protein and fiber, it’s low in carbs and simple to digest. Tempayy  products are fortified with the Vitamin B-12 and iron, making them an best super food. Tempeh cubes can be experimented with different cuisines in the Indian, Asian, Western like  tempeh kebab, cutlet, Bao, Bruschetta etc. 38 grams protein-packed cubes add protein-rich meals and snacks and essay a important role in creating a vibrant and refreshing food culture. 

3. Yoga Bar Energy Snack Bars

At a point when everybody is creating a plunge to sugar-stacked gujiya, you can make a plunge to these multigrain bar stacked up with entire grains, nuts and seeds. This is excellently relegated to fix appetite and full fill your longings. Yogabars delightful bars easily have normal sugars such as nectar and dates. They are 25-30% entire grains and complex carbs, brown rice, little millet, foxtail millet, oats, buckwheat, and amaranth. Nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts constitute 10-15% of the formulation.

4. Haldiram's Quinoa Chips

Longing for a something crunchy? Quinoa is sans gluten, high in the protein and one of the only handful plant food sources that include every one of the nine fundamental amino acids. It is likewise rich in fiber, magnesium, nutrients, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and different gainful cancer prevention agents. It is daily alluded to as the supergrain. These crunchy chips are lower in the calories, and higher in protein and fibre than customary potato chips, creating them a decent other choice.

5. Wingreen Piri Piri Pita Chips

Can't binge on potato chips and nachos on a Holi? These Piri Piri Pita Chips are an best nibble for your munchies. These are multigrain pita chips stacked with piri flavours yet stay low in a carbs and fat so you don't have to stress over undermining a your eating routine. These chips are the best party tidbit to present with any dip and are tasty sufficient to appease your palate.

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