Benefits of sitting in the sun in winter

Benefits of sitting in the sun in winter

Our elders tell us to sit in the sun in winter. But do you know the benefits of sun-bathing?

A good amount of cold has started in many areas. Many people have removed winter clothes from their closets. In this season, most people like to take SunBath in winter. Let us tell you that sitting in the sun in winter is very beneficial for health. Sun rays not only provide vitamin D, but also have many other health benefits. Let's find out how sun-bathing in winter is beneficial for health.

1. Vitamin-D

It is known that early morning sun exposure provides the body with plenty of vitamin D, which helps in strengthening bones. Sunbathing also relieves joint pain and body aches in winter.

2. Sleep well

Sun exposure produces a hormone called melatonin in our body. This hormone leads to good and restful sleep. Apart from this, it also reduces mental stress.

3. Helpful in weight loss

Winter sun is also beneficial for weight. Sunbathing reduces cholesterol in the body, which helps in weight loss.

4. Fungal infection

If there is any kind of fungal infection in the body, then it is necessary to sit in the sun, because sitting in the sun kills the bacterial infection. Therefore, sunlight proves to be very effective in relieving skin problems.

5. Treatment of serious diseases

Sun rays have the ability to cure serious diseases like jaundice. So jaundice patients must sit in the sun. Gharda also advises to sit in the sun in Kamla. Source Link.

Best Health Tips

This article is for information only. Before using this treatment, you should consult your doctor or a specialist in this matter and make necessary inquiries.

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