Himalayan Fig or 'Bedu' features in PM Modi's Mann ki Baat; know about the medicinal plant found in northern India


In his current Mann ki Baat radio program, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Bedu or Himalayan Fig. "Friends, several such commendable efforts are even being seen in our other hill state, Uttarakhand. Many kinds of medicines and plants are found in Uttarakhand, which are very good for our health. One of them is the fruit – Bedu. It is also recognized as Himalayan Fig," he said.

PM Modi even spoke about the importance of this fruit. "In this fruit, minerals and vitamins are found in abundance. People take it not only in the form of fruit, but it is also utilized in the treatment of many diseases. In view of these qualities of this fruit, now the juice of Bedu, jams, chutneys, pickles and dry fruits made by drying them have been launched in the market," he added.

Speaking about the marketability of the fruit, PM Modi told, "With the initiative of the Pithoragarh administration and the cooperation of the local people, it has been successful in a bringing Bedu to the market in different forms. Bedu has also been released in the online market by branding it as Pahari Fig. Because of  this, farmers have not only found a new source of income, but the advantages of the medicinal properties of Bedu have started reaching far and broad as well."

The native Himalayan fig holds abundant medicinal values

Such is the popularity of the Bedu that it is a part of Kumaoni folk song, Bedu pako bara masa which translates to figs ripen throughout the year.

Natural pain relievers

According to  a research study, Bedu can be a safe alternative to pain relievers such as Aspirin and Diclofenac. The study conducted on lab rats tested the analgesic effects of a extracts from the wild Himalayan fig.

The pain relief property of the Bedu is from 2 major components Psoralen and Rutin. Researchers found that while Psoralen aided to block an enzyme called 'Cyclooxygenase-2' (COX-2), which is even  blocked by pain relievers like  Diclofenac, Rutin helped bind the mu-opioid, a major binding site in Morphine.

The study done by researchers at Lovely Professional University found that Bedu has analgesic effects at a 400 milligrammes per kilogram (mg/kg) dose in definite.

In many rural areas, the fruit is being utilized to cure backache problems.

Other medicinal values

Scientifically known as ficus palmata, the Himalayan fig is also utilized in treating several diseases such as gastrointestinal disorders, hypoglycemia, tumour, ulcer, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fungal infections.

According to  a 2017 study, titled "Wild Himalayan Fig: A Nutraceutical under exploited fruit of Western Himalayan Region – A Review" announced in the International Journal of Advanced Research, this fruit high in polyphenolic compounds, anthocyanin and flavonoids mainly Kaempferol. Citing other studies, it says "figs are an amazing source of minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, essential amino acids also  phenolic substances. It shows very good sensory acceptability because of its taste, color and aroma. Figs are utilized as medicine and also used in decreasing the risk of cancer and heart disease."

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