Teacher Jillafer Seniority List 2022

Teacher Jillafer Seniority List 2022

Teacher Jillafer Seniority List 2022. All District Jillafer Badli Seniority List 2022 Pdf Here.Applying to go to All district from other district of gujarat , district change changed seniority list new social science /Language /Maths Science Useful for Teachers Requesting to go to All District from other District,A List of Teachers of Social Science /Language and Mathematics science.

The teacher gives only verbal education. He gives with the expectation of compensation. He is materialistic. He is also a slave to addictions. He teaches a subject or issue of knowledge. .

When the Guru teaches through behavior. In earlier times there was an ashram system where the guru lived with his family in the ashram and he looked after the students like family members. To leave a good impression on the students, he used to wake up early and complete his daily tasks such as bath and toilet etc. He always performed excellent work in the presence of students. Labor was also one of the reasons why there was no discipline problem then.

There came a time in which the teacher tried not to do his addictions or family work in the presence of the students. Now it is not the case that the student and the teacher eat or drink together. A teacher also has common needs - understanding that he is a common human being, the student perceives the teacher as a common human being. The dignity of the Guru is no longer preserved. Some teachers are still respected if they are simple and patient.

Such a teacher can become a guru out of a teacher. Dignity dress also plays an important role. Today due to fashionable dress the discipline problem and teacher's importance has decreased. It is good for a student to be a friend of a teacher but he must be an elder friend. Friend, Philosopher and Guaide.

This is difficult to do but not impossible.

Teacher Jillafer Seniority List 2022

Gir Somnath Jillafer Seniority List 2022 PDF

સુરેન્દ્રનગર ધોરણ 1 થી 5
ધોરણ 6 થી 8 વિષય વાઇઝ સિનિયોરિટી લિસ્ટ 2022 

મહેસાણા જિલ્લા ફેરબદલી લીસ્ટ 2022

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