Weight loss: 5 drawbacks of losing weight rapidly

Nutrient deficiency

For fast weight loss, one requires to follow a strict diet routine and for that you may be cutting down whole food groups, which means you are missing out on a number of key nutrients. These nutrients are vital to keep you healthy. Some also skip dairy for weight loss without realizing that dairy free diet can direct to calcium deficiency while cutting down on carbs, means you are not getting sufficient fiber. Nutrient deficiency can direct to malnutrition, resulting in symptoms like reduced energy, fatigue, anemia and constipation. It is vital to choose the right plan when weight loss is your ultimate aim, starving yourself will not advantage you in any way.

Slowed metabolism

Rapid weight loss can only take place when you make extreme calorie deficiency. If you take 3000 calories in a day and instantly shift to 1000 calories, this is going to have a major impact on a your health. By creating this big calorie deficiency, you put your body in starvation mode, which slows down the metabolism in order to conserve an energy. Go slow, cut down 500 calories all day to lose weight in an effective manner.

You might be losing muscle

To lose weight, you require to burn the fat deposition from the body, not muscle mass. Cutting down on calories too speedily can affect your muscle tone. Calorie deficiency may cause your body to break down the muscle for an energy and fuel. Muscle burns more calories as compared to a fat. Loss of muscle means you will burn fewer calories and this will hamper your weight loss aim.

You can be dehydrated

In the 1st few weeks of your weight loss plan, you mostly lose water weight. That's how you notice quicker  weight loss. Rapid weight loss can lead to dehydration and can also cause other problems such as constipation, headache, muscle cramps, and low energy. It is vital to keep yourself hydrated while trying to lose weight. Add fruit juices in your diet and stay away from the diet juices.

Can affect your mental health

Losing weight speedily can also take a toll on your mental health. If a individual does not have time to settle into a new body shape and weight, it can direct to dysmorphia, anorexia, or bulimia. When you set a weight loss goal and if it is not materialized, it can impact your mental health situation and promote body image matters.

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